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Dissertation outline

Dissertation Outline


Chapter 1: Drama criticism, Cather and the rise of celebrity culture

Chapter 2: McClure’s, Muckracking, and celebrity journalism

Chapter 3: Cather’s early reputation building: how Cather constructed herself as a regionalist; infuse it with a close reading of Song of the Lark, Cather’s response to celebrity culture

? Sue’s suggestion about a chapter that turns the frame of celebrity to Nebraska.

Chapter 4: Cather & the Problem of Celebrity: possibly a two part chapter? Part one concentrate on Cather’s Pulitzer Prize—look at the rise of young male authors (in response to Hemingway’s comments) Part two concentrates on Cather & the movies.

Chapter 5: Cather and Photography

Chapter 6: Look at the last years of Cather’s life. Biographers and critics have often constructed this as a time when Cather resisted celebrity culture and secluded herself. This chapter re-examines this time, especially since Cather was still producing new work up until the time of her death—allowing, for example, a spread of SSG in The Book of the Month Club catalog. How did Cather manage her public career during this period, etc.


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