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Dtp project


My new objectives for the new system are web page for the Doha College and

Newsletter for the parents. I've made survey to know how the people want the Newsletter and Web page of Doha College to be. The News-letter which I am going to produce it's going to be same as people they want it to be colourful and it have background information of the Doha College. I am going to produce a newsletter by using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and 3D Studio.

I am going to use these software because they are really useful, for example Microsoft Word has tools are useful which another software dose not have it and because it is really easy to use, and for another example 3D Studio, I am going to use 3D Studio because it is the most powerful software in creating graphics animation.

I am going to use scanner, Camera-Video and printer to help me to produce my new system.

The software which I am going to use to produce a Web Page for Doha College are Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Power Point, 3D Studio and Excel. I am going to use Front Page because I can create a professional Web page without programming so that means it is much easier and quicker to produce a Professional Web Page for Doha College. I am going to use MS Power Point to produce a Web Page because MS Power Point is really powerful in creating graphics pictures, I am going to create a picture through MS Power Point then I am going to move it to Front Page same thing with 3D Studio, I am going to create a graphic pictures and copy it to Front Page. I might use MS Word to write some documents to put in Doha College Web Site.

I am going to use scanner, Camera-Video and printer to help me to produce my two new systems.

To produce my new two systems very fast and perfectly published I require a very high a high speed of CPU (central processor unit), a lot of RAM's (Random Access Memory) etc.

Here the Technical Specifications in Hardware I require :

1 . CPU : Pentium 133Mhz

2 . Motherboard : Pentium - cache memory 256 k

3 . RAM : 16Mb minimum

4 . VGA card: Stealth 3D 3000 (4MB VRAM) / 64 bit processing

5 . HDD : 1.2Gb minimum

6 . I/O card: 32 bit

7 . Modem : 33.6 BPS

8 . Scanner : 16 million colour

9 . Printer : Ink jet printer/ 700p * 700p

10 . Camera : Which it can be connected to the computer

11 . CD-ROM : 6x speed CD-ROM minimum

These the specifications which I require to produce my two new systems.

The Software which I need to produce my new two systems are :

1 . Microsoft Windows 95

2 . DOS Version 6.22(Disk Operating System)

3 . Microsoft Office 95 ( Professional )

4 . 3D Studio version 4

5 . Microsoft Front Page

6 . Corel Draw

7 . Graphics Work Shop

8 . Paint Shop Pro

These are the software which I need to produce my two new systems.

Here are the terms of Hardware that in the machine which I am going to produce my two new systems :

1 . Central Processor Unit (CPU) : is the main part of the computer, consisting of the registers, arithmetic logic (ALU)unit and control unit.

2 . Motherboard : Is the printed circuit board (PCB) that holds the principal components in a microprocessor, such as microprocessor and clock chips, will be either plugged into the motherboard or soldered to it. The other name of th Mother Board is Main Board.

3 . RAM ( Random Access Memory) : Is the memory that has the same access time for all locations.

4 . Video Adapter : Is the circuitry which generates the signals needed for a video output to display computer date. VRAM is a separate high-speed memory into which the processor writes the screen data, which is then read to the screen for display. This avoids the use of any main memory to hold screen data.

5 . I/O card : Is a peripheral unit which can be used both as an input or as an output device.

6 . Modem (Modulator-Demodulator) : Is a data communication device for sending and receiving data between computers over telephone circuits.

7 . Scanner : A scanner scans a drawing and turns it into a bit map.

8 . HDD (Hard Disk Drive) : Is the unit made up of the mechanism that rotates the disks between the read/writes heads, and the mechanism that controls the heads. It uses rigid magnetic disk enclosed is a sealed container.

9 . CD-ROM : Is a CD-ROM drive with a mechanism for automatically changing the current disk for another selected disk. Is made up of the mechanism.

10 . Camera Capture: Is a camera connected to the computer through parallel cable, the camera convert the pictures which is been captured to digital so it can send it to the computer through the parallel cable (Parallel is connected to the I/O card).

An explanation of how the software which I am going to use will be used:-

Microsoft Word : To run Microsoft Word u have to run first Windows because MS Word works under windows. To insert objects click on Insert/object.. You can insert a lot of objects for example video clip, sound clip, clip arts etc.

Microsoft Publisher : MS Publisher runs under Windows,

Microsoft Power Point : It runs Under Windows,

3D Studio : It works under DOS.


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