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Ebola virus_1

10 out of 10 people infected with it will die with die with it.

It is airborne.

It is 100 times more contagious than AIDS.

It has no known origin, vaccination or cure.

It kills you in such a way that even highly trained professionals get sick from just hearing about the effects.

It is real and it has started its attack on the human race.

Mrs. Landau and fellow classmates. The symptoms I have just described to you are real. These are symptoms to a real and fatal virus. The virus's name is Ebola and it has started its burn into our society. Like the AIDS virus, nothing really is known about it except its effect on people. Like the AIDS virus, there is no cure, treatment or vaccination. Unlike the AIDS virus which can take up to 8 to 10 years to kill you, this virus can take as little as to 8 to 10 hours to result fatally. It starts off with a fever and symptoms of the flu. Then the muscles in your face stop moving freezing your face into a mask. Just before death, you start to bleed from every opening in your body starting from your nose and mouth to your gums. Your internal organs liquefy and you vomit them up. In reality, the virus has attempted to turn its host into a virus. You are dead before you have even started to show signs of this virus. It is believed that it is some sort of mutated form of AIDS because it started in the original spot as AIDS did, Kinshasa and moved along the highway ripping its way through Northern Africa. As of now there are an estimated 150 000 people who have died from this virus. This figure is in Africa alone. In October 1989, monkeys were dying by the hundreds in a building 2 miles away from the White House. They were diagnosed as dying from Ebola. Except that this strain of Ebola was not harmful to humans. It only killed monkeys. If a virus can change its metabolism into a virus which only kills monkeys, it could change its metabolism into a virus which only kills people. This virus, like AIDS, and most other lethal viruses, came from remote places which are very old such as the African Rain Forest. There is a pattern evolving. When men go exploring in a place where they shouldn't be, something bad happens, like a virus is released. In reality, something is trying to destroy the human race. Imagine that the earth is a person and people are a parasite living in this human. When the parasite starts reproducing too much and moving into territory where it shouldn't be the human releases some

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