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Ecodisc is a program which allows the user to take on the

role of a Nature Reserve Manager. It was designed by a man

named Peter Bratt, and Englishman in South Devon. Ecodisc

is designed so that the user can see what effects certain

changes can make on the environment with out actually making

the changes. Ecodisc is a good educational tool showing new

users the effects of certain decisions. It can also be used

a map, because it lets you see various parts of the nature

reserve without actually going there.

Ecodisc allows the user to take on the role of a nature

reserve manger, which is the person who basically decides

what changes will be made to the nature reserve. With aid of

the Ecodisc, the results of decisions can be shown without

actually doing anything, or doing any harm to the environment.

Ecodisc allows users to explore various parts of the

nature reserve and view it from different positions. You can

see the area from any direction (north, south, east or west),

and even from a helicopter position. Ecodisc lets you see the

areas of the reserve from any part of the year. For example,

you could view the reserve in the middle of winter and see

what it looks like in summer.

Ecodisc is one of the first interactive programmes, and there

are hopes of some day there being interactive broadcast

television. This is a breakthrough in visual entertainment,

because while television lets you see a place, interactive

video will let you explore it. Interactive video is where the

viewer decides the plot and characters of a movie, or show.

The viewer will basically be able to write their own scripts

and produce the movie at the same time.

Ecodisc would be very good for showing students (or anyone)

interested in managing nature reserves, working for national

parks or just as an interest thing.

Ecodisc is an invention which would greatly help both the

computer and television industries as well as the nature and

wildlife organisations across the world. Already there are

programmes that enable the user to take control of what is

happening, and Ecodisc, being one of the first, has greatly

aided the production of the others. Ecodisc is the start of a

new way of life in visual entertainment and may also aid

things like scientific research and study.

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