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Emotions seen in of mice and men again

Emotions Seen in "Of Mice and Men"

This essay will deal with the way emotions were used in the story of

"Of Mice and Men". Not only friendship and loyalty between George and Lennie.

Faith, hope, charity, love, hate, jealousy and indifference are among the other

emotions that develops during the story between them and the other characters,

and that shows us Steinbeck's way of character definition.

In the beginning of the story, we think that everything between George

and Lennie is a big friendship, but even them show other emotions during the

story. Lennie shows his childish way of dealing with anything, desperation and

fear when Crooks tease him, saying that George is hurt and is not coming back,

and when he has the dreams of Aunt Clara and The Gigantic Rabbit. George shows

indecision on how to deal with Lennie and when he's going to kill him.

Both have a dream together. A faith in each other that make them think

that they are different. They have a future. They have each other to look for


When they arrive in the ranch we learn that the boss is a person that

cares for people weaker than other. It's a kind of charity. When he thinks that

Lennie is being sold, he goes to his side, try to help him. From Candy, we see

love towards his dog that he had for so long and we see a guilty feeling for

letting others execute him.

Curly show hate and jealousy at the same time. Because he's not a big

guy, he wants to fight all of them, and because he's always the winner (Just

because he doesn't fight fairly), he is proud to tell everybody that he's the


Slim is a man who shows a lot of emotions during the story. He shows us

indifference to Curly and friendship towards Lennie, but when Lennie killed the

woman, and George killed him, he's the only one who seems to know why he done


Curly's wife shows us unhappiness with her marriage and with the way her

life got into.

Crooks has an important role in the story, showing us his feelings about

prejudice and how he feels bad, because he is rejected by all.

Carleson is not important showing emotions in the story. He has just one

reaction, when the people is going to search Lennie and he manifests saying that

he's getting his Lugger.

John Steinbeck really showed us how the emotions can happen in a story.

He used a wide range of them in almost every character present in the story. He

shows how they react and fell, and make all of us remember the traces of the

characters because of these emotions.

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