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English paper i dont know

sarasota county school board

1960 landings blvd.

sarasota, fl 34231

dear school board members:

this letter is written in oppasition to the new proposed attendance policy.

in this policy it states that if you miss more than ten days of class a semester you eill lose credit for that course.

because you cant be sick for long periods of time. so if you caught the flu and missed ten days of school you

lost the credit for that class. or say there is a death in the family out of state

you would probably miss more than ten days of school.

i have a friend that had his grandfather die in new york. he left on a monday and then he didnt come back for twelve

days. if this policy was in effect he would have lost credit for that classes and would have to take them all over again.

in conclusion, this policy should not be passed because it will affect the people who get sick or have a death in the family.

this policy will do more harm then good. it would be good not to pass this policy, so the students with problems

problems can still get credit for the class.

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