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Essay over the adventures of huck finn

Jim runs away for his family, so his kids might have a brighter future not for himself but for his family. While not even liking Tom, Jim risks the dream he had for his family by helping save Tom's life. Jim also shows love and goodwill as kind of representing a father figure to Huck. Jim has not been given all the freedom of the white man but he will unselfishly give to all with no prejudice. Jim represents love and symbolizes true goodwill to all.

Jim is symbolic with love in the whole story. While Huck and Jim are traveling down river Jim tells Huck why he is running away. It is not all for his own freedom it is more for his wife and his children. In this one instance Jim is risking his life to possibly find a better way for someone he loves. An act such as this is an unselfish act that could possibly be rewarded with death. Most characters wouldn't give unselfishly such as this. This is truly a charater that is trying to do good and make the best of a bad situation, not for himself but for others.

Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer were planning to free Niger Jim. He was owned by Tom Sawyer's aunt and uncle. Before Tom arrived to his uncle's farm Huck was already there and he stopped Tom before the Phelpses saw him. Tom hid until that night when they planned to break Jim out. But being the one for excitement that Tom was he derived a plan that would for sure get them caught. He left a note on the Phelps's porch that something was going to happen. As Huck and Tom freed Jim Mr. Phelps fired a shot and it hit Tom but Huck and Jim didn't realize it until they got to the boat and floated to the island. On the island, they decided to leave to leave Tom while Huck went to get a doctor and Jim got away. But when the doctor arrived Jim was watching Tom. Jim sacrificed his freedom to help someone who he really didn't like. Jim symbolizes love throughout the story, not just in this one instance.

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