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Family values

Family Values

When raising a child one is

taught values by their families

that they feel are important for

their child to have. I believe

that family values consist of

certain actions and qualities

that are important to a family

to uphold. Values that are

important in my family are

honesty, trust and to have

respect for others. Each of

these values is equally

important in my family. They

played a big role into making me

the person I am now.

Growing up in my family taught

me that honesty is the best

policy. When I would get into

trouble as a child I would often

try to lie to my mom thinking

that would save me from being

punished. I soon learned that

lying would only get me into

more trouble than I was already.

Honesty has given me the

reputation of being a good

friend. One can always rely on

me to let them know what they

are doing or how something looks

on them. In return for my

honesty I have received respect

from my family and friends.

Respect is an important value to

be taught when growing up.

Through the years I have learned

that in order to learn anything

you must have respect for

others. I have learned many

valuable lessons from listening

to my grandmother. She has told

me many of her experiences,

which has made me a better

person. Having respect for other

people has allowed me to be more

open-minded and see qualities in

people that most would not. I

have always listened to what my

friends and family has to say.

That doesn’t always mean that I

agree with them, but it is their

opinion, so I respect it. In

return I receive respect from

them. As people begin to respect

me more their trust in me also


Trust is a value that was very

hard for me to learn. I was

always afraid that someone was

going to hurt me one way or

another. My mother was always

telling me that I should learn

to trust others so that they

could help me from time to time,

but I never could do it.

Eventually I finally learned to

trust others a few years ago. I

have realized that other people

can do many things for you if

you just trust in them. This

helps me in the relationships I

have with my friends. Trust

doesn’t happen overnight, it

takes time. I have learned that

trusting certain people is worth

the risk, and helps the

relationships I have with them.

All values that families instill

in their children are important.

They are the deciding factors

that help a person grow. Values

also determine how one treats

others and how they will be

treated in return. Learning

honesty, respect, and to have

trust in others has made me a

better person. I feel that I am

growing to be someone that can

be relied on for almost

anything. These values will

benefit me for many years to


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