Fast food can be a tempting alternative

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Although fast food can be a tempting alternative after a long day, families can enjoy meals that are healthy, tasty, and fast instead.

I know we remember the slogan of McDonald’s “Big Mac, Filet o’ Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries, Icy Coke, Thick Shakes, Sundae’s , and Apple Pies.” For many of us whom have grown to like this particular tune, and have grown with for many year’s it becomes a part of our understanding. This catchy tune alert’s you to what they have, but don’t make us aware of the calories in which each meal contains. In most cases Fast Food chains such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s are best know for using the tunes In grasping the Americans attention.

In the twenty-first century most fast food restaurants are more efficient ,or mostly preferred for most of our modern families. However, fast food restaurants serve many foods that are high in calories than in nutritional values. It is very high in ratio that fast foods and local convenient stores are higher risk to unhealthy eating habits. This means we would have to watch exactly what is purchased among all things. In this day and age our economy has really taken a toll on how much we, as Americans intake on greasy, fast foods today.

The study which is being carried out by most researcher’s provide evidence that, “ Within many fast food places 90% of all products produce by the company or franchise has higher calories in itself”. That is more than half of what our daily calorie intake is or allows.(Public Health 2008). In all do respect, if parent’s don’t do the research required of them, then in any case , they wouldn’t know in how many calories a child could intake or should have to keep them healthy.

When us as parent’s take the time to actually look into what the fast food places are putting in their foods, We should look at everything that would apply to intake of calories. Every restaurant today, offers greasy burgers; which carry many calories. I would chose by choice any fast food restaurant that would provide more veggies; and fruits of my choice. The place in which offers these nutritional meals would be, Subway, and the Olive Garden. These particular restaurants provide nutritional meals at all times. We as people need to go where to places that will allow us to enjoy more healthier foods such as vegetables, and other various veggies.

Most parent’s researching fast-foods nutritional values, should in turn; rely on their own participation of learning what values that are best for their children. In most cases a place where you get most of the fatty foods, will never advertise how high the intake of calories are taken in of their meals. We all know that a fast food restaurant doesn’t care about healthy eating, it’s about the revenue they can bring in. It’s up to the parent’s to evaluate the nutritional guidelines of their children. Along with fast food, is what we call junk food.

This has grown in many instances over the decades. Junk foods such as candy, potato chips, donuts, and anything prepared by other various companies, add more unworthy values for the intake of nutritional values. Most news articles that we read today, refers to how junk food has taken over our school population in lunchrooms.(Public Health 2008). The media has covered most of the markets on snack foods inside of schools and have determined that our children make an effort to try and improve on eating healthy, but has not found a valid tactic to do so.

The advertisement in the studies of the media becomes so graphic, that the government stated” within five years government agencies have attempted to combat the amount and method of media coverage lavished upon junk foods.” I think in this most tender situation it’s for us as human beings get ourselves in gear for a healthier way of eating. The statics clearly show that junk foods and fast foods are not nutritional in value for our bodies. In general I myself was a Dietary Manager, and when providing health services for people with nutritional meals, it’s a must that we in turn follow certain guidelines to provide a accurate diet for you.

The risk of not eating healthy as far as junk foods are concerned, these types of foods contains more calories than should be taken in. It could damage you to the point where you may have to be on someone’s life support. I’ve seen in many incidents, where people eat too many fatty foods, and junk foods, this clogs the arteries and make one high risk of a heart attack or possibly death. That’s why this is a major factor to look into. Over a time period, our food pyramid has changed along with the servings that were portioned out. It states our daily portion or serving of fruits and vegetables are at least twice daily, most likely to be fresh. It is not always’ certain that our daily fruits and vegetables would be fresh, we would have to use what’s in the cans instead.

Meats are a source of protein, in which we should consume only two servings per week with an option to substitute fish or beans instead. We should have a serving of grains daily. When cooking home cooked meals as parent’s it allows them to insure that their children are receiving, and getting the nutrition of a well balanced meal. Cooking from scratch, makes a meal easier to prepare, it provides you and your family with all the balances from each food group recommended. This will correct and insure that your family is receiving a home cooked meal, fast, tasty, and full of flavor that’ll your family can get daily. It is wise to prepare anything as far as food from the heart of the kitchen. This allows families to get more and well acquainted with the most nutritional values they could ever want. If you took a survey, and it asked what was the best way to provide more nutritions for one’s family, what would your answer be? In this case you would have a most popular answer, which would be coming from the kitchen in your home.

The best suggestion in this case, I would have to say is that supervising in your kitchen, cooking meals, with the required recipes for a healthier meal provides a healthier you. I know we don’t understand why cooking from the kitchen or from your own home would be the best at times, we do know that it’s providing a healthier balanced diet for your children. In this case when cooking at home for your family, instead of going out for burgers, you can manage the intake of the calories better than you can if you were still eating in a fast food joint.

Remember if any choice you had to take make it the choice of cooking in the comfort of your kitchen preparing a meal that would be great in, nutrition, appetizing, and looks very well in appearance. Nevertheless, this home cooking would indeed provide; a better calorie intake that you can monitor yourself for you and your family. Now, if you really must eat fast food go to the kitchen in your home to prepare it, where you already know what the qualities of the intake will be, fast, tasty, and healthy all in one wop! How’s that for an eye opener.

This is really good food for the soul. Don’t you think. I wouldn’t even imagine myself without having a diet to actually go by and look forward to doing. I can honestly say this is with my best judgement. So remember if you prepare your foods yourself in the comforts of your home, your doing a lot of good cooking, which makes a difference in your life and eating heathly which is the main key to it all. The best things possibly that can be put in one’s eye would be how do we as people manage the outcome of healthy, but tasty foods. I am not a big fan of fast food anyway, I prefer home cooking at anytime. I know for a fact family appreciates it, loves it, and want it anyway. So I really do myself justice, by doing the right thing in preparing healthy foods.

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