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Fitting in

Essay: "Fitting in"

Fitting in is an important part of life because it has almost everything to do with

turning out in life. Knowing the right people will directly effect a persons life later on, job

wise and high school reunions.

Part of fitting in is rejection. This happens because when someone does not reject a

particular person then they might be rejected for not rejecting that person. "... waking up

in the morning and wondering if anyone would really miss me." this is a thought that might

course through someone's mind after being rejected. Most people respond differently,

Some people might dress and act totally different just to try to "fit in" that way. Most will

just forget about that group or single person. I have often observed that people often times

try to find out why that person or group rejected them and try to make it better. Being

rejected is like someone saying "You do not fit in with us so leave us alone" its a nasty

feeling. Some people let others down easy and that is nice of them.

Why is it so hard to fit in? There is so much social pressure now that it is getting

harder and harder to "fit in". When I say social pressure I mean how to act, look, sound,

walk, and so on. Clothes play a very important role in fitting in with the crowd. People say

that a first impression is the most important one so people try to make the best first

impression by dressing up or showing someone there not. Some people try to stay in

fashion, they do this to stand out or be noticed. A huge role in fitting in is changing or, in

other words, being someone you are not. To describe this I think of putting on a mask

over your whole body. Some people just spend all day "lying there and thinking about all

the stupid things I've done today."

Lastly, being liked by other people is what "fitting in" is all about. Like I said

before, you change yourself, dramatically sometimes, just to fit in. Changing yourself

might include dress, hair, self. Changing yourself might just make it harder to fit in so

people just stick to what they have changed themselves since they do not know what else

to do. Often people wonder "What if I say this to them, well if I say this then they might

not like me. Even though...." Emotional stress can damage a person so much they just do

not care anymore. Individuals will do amazing things just to achieve "Fitting in" after

studying human behavior I have learned that people will change so much they just forget

just about everything else and focus all there energy on "fitting in".

I have found that doing actions you usually do not do just to fit in is very damaging

and should not be stressed over. Unfortunately I have not come to any conclusions that

have any positive aspects about fitting in, besides the fact if you fit in then you have to find

ways to fit in with other groups. In my personal opinion you should not base your life

decisions about wether or not you will fit in but wether there morally correct decisions.

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