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For another mans freedom

For Another Man's Freedom

"All men are created equal", but the men this is pertaining to are not the men losing blood in this battle at Gettysburg. The men losing their lives in this war are men fighting for what they believe in, for the benefit of their suggested equals. Stepping forward, and then looking back; these memories, and the impact these memories have, are not and will never be forgotten.

The blood which was shed in this great battle at Gettysburg could never be forgotten. The blood being spoken of by Abraham Lincoln, was thought by many to have recycled into the earth, therefore making that ground sacred; also ascending to heaven. This battle ground and the battle which occurred here is be recognized by the people of United States of America as the "rebirth" of America. The only problem with these thoughts is that these were not the thoughts that were in the heads of the soldiers at the time. During the fighting these soldiers not only did not see this as the rebirth of a nation, but had "forgotten the cause" altogether. I do not believe that these men were necessarily fighting specifically for the rights of the slaves, but rather for the rights of all men including themselves. These men were thought to be "privileged", and at the time I am sure they believed that they were taking part in an inconceivable historical event. I

am sure that at that time they did not realize that this would be an ongoing struggle even three-hundred years after their existence. The soldiers entered this battle with great pride, holding their flags high, hoping to make a difference. They did make a clearly substantial impact on their society , but this quest for equality is still being pursued.

This fight was not considered the only option at the time, but peaceful talks were always considered. As society knows, peace talks are not always the best way to get through to a person opposing your views.

While discussion in hopes of no war exist, war is already being planned within the rights of an individual's mind. In the Killer Angels supplement, the beautiful depiction of the war grounds is harshly interrupted by the grim commencement of the fighting. These men, through their devotion to their country, were proud to stay either until they died, or until the fighting had ceased. Many references to God are made in this Second Inaugural Address, and these references are also made in the Killer Angels. The soldiers in the battle at Gettysburg "thanked God for the honor" of partaking in this event. These men were dedicated, and devoted their lives and their safety to not only their country, but their beliefs as well.

The dedicated and devoted soldiers that fought in the Battle of Gettysburg were not attempting to fight for only their honor. These men were fighting for their beliefs, and also for the good of others. The memories, and the impression these memories left, could never possibly be lost from the memory of these great men, nor the men and women that this great struggle has impacted and relieved of a immense burden.

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