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Friday january 24th

This past Friday I traveled down to Burlington with my friends Justin,

Jamie, and Steve. The purpose of our trip was to see Justin and his

band, Last One Standing, play at his old high school in Colchester.

We all met around three o'clock, then piled into Justin's black,

Volkswagen GTI, behind the Senators dorm. His car being a little used,

it took fifteen minutes to actually be on our way. We put on some

fast-paced driving music, a band called INTEGRITY(they're a hardcore

band), and left the worries of Johnson behind us.

The trip was a lot smoother in good company, even though our driver,

Justin was getting a little frustrated while driving in heavy traffic.

He has a short temper, and following a line of cars that are going

thirty-five miles an hour in a fifty zone does not help. A sigh of relief

passed through the car as we came into Burlington. Justin dropped me off

at my house in Burlington at four o'clock, a few hours before his show

started. I made my plans with them for later and sent them on their way.

Something about being home makes me feel much more relaxed. Walking into

your house and immediately recognizing that perfect smell of freshness

(my mom keeps a clean house), flopping yourself onto your comfortable bed,

now this is what makes me feel at peace.I was relieved to be home, knowing

that I was going to see Kristie,a friend of mine that I'm quite fond of.

A few hours slipped by with no significant happenings. I was really looking

forward to seeing Kristie. She called around six, and made plans to stop

by at seven. I was more than excited to see her, and when she showed up

I couldn't stop smiling(I was really happy to see her). We talked for a

few hours, which let me forget about my plans with Justin and the guys.

It had been snowing since early that afternoon, and by nine-thirty we had

three or four inches. Kristie lives in Shelburne, which is south of

Burlington, and realizing the long drive in front of her, we decided to

take off. We headed towards Colchester High School hoping that her car

would make it there, and back to her house. It wasn't a problem, it only

took us longer than we had expected. Kristie gave my a hug, a few kisses,

some cigarettes, and we said our good-byes. She drove off into the snowy

night, and already I missed her.

There seemed to be hundreds of people at the high school that night, but I soon learned that there was a basketball game that had just ended. It took me a few to realize that I had gone in the wrong entrance, and the music jam was in the other side of the school. I entered the right side, thinking that I would have to pay, but there was no-one to take my money. I'm not one to complain in a situation like this; it saves money. So I went in just in time to see Justin's band.

There were about a hundred kids gathered around the stage watching in adoration as Last One Standing jumped all over the stage blowing out all their frustrations, while Justin screaming out lyrics like "True to yourself", and songs that preached unity for all. The first person I found was Steve, standing directly in front of the stage, getting into the music as much as the school would let him. This year the school passed a policy stating that no-one could slam-dance or mosh. I joined him as soon as could make through the crowd of almost rowdy high school kids, who were getting more and more anxious to dance. The bands' set lasted about one half hour. They sounded great, and the crowds' applause showed this. Steve and I went to the side stage to greet Justin, and tell him how "cool" he was. We like to poke fun at him and give him a hard time so his ego doesn't skyrocket. But his band was really decent.

Jamie met up with Steve, Justin, and me, fifteen minutes after Last One Standing's set had ended. Two more bands were playing, and then the music jam was going to end. Steve and I were anxious to leave, but Justin had to stick around and help clean up after the show. The other bands were all right, but not as well rehearsed as Justin's band, or as energetic. There always seem to be trouble-makers at school functions, and this school was no different from the rest. Some kid, I'll call him "the stupid kid", decided to bring a bottle of liquor to the school and get drunk. He was later having some argument( I witnessed the argument before I knew he had liquor) with a young lady. In the middle of his argument he threw up his arms, and the bottle dropped to the ground, exploding on impact with the linoleum floor. The sound of breaking glass was muffled by the band that was playing. The unknown young lady took "stupid kid" by the arm and dragged him out as quickly as possible. The whole time he was being escorted out, he just stared back at the broken glass, and the large wet spot where it lay. What a dumb adolescent.

The music jam ended around eleven o'clock, and by this time most of the kids had left. We waited for Justin to do his duties, and were headed back to Johnson State College. We got outside to find five to six inches of snow on Justin's car; we had quite a trip in front of us. I mentioned earlier that his car wasn't in the best shape, and now was the test to prove how good it was.

The drive home wasn't that bad. The roads were icy (Vermont's road crew are always behind), and we had problems with hills. But most of the trip wasn't that harsh. It took us one hour and twenty minutes to arrive in the town of Johnson. We passed this time with some deep conversation regarding nuclear weapons, and the STAR WARS mission(not the movie). It was pretty late; most of us were on our second and third wind for the day. I don't think we were too coherent, and a large part of what we were saying might not have made sense to anyone else. We got to the school, went to our rooms, and later met back in Steve's room. It was a normal evening, nothing went wrong, and we all had fun. We spent the rest of our evening playing video games. When the night was over, we shut the t.v. off, and I still missed Kristie.

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