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Well, most people don't recognise this, but the chess board at your house or that you have know is call "The Feudal System". The kings and the queen, the knights, castles, bishop ...... they are base on this historic system. Well it was first, in the early time of our history, most of the people live their live their live by hard work on their land, and there was so much war going on that time, and that justice was unfair. Sooo, the weak would look to the strong for help, and protection and in return they would pay them back in many different ways. well that system was call "the feudal system". Then it later, the feudal system became a means of defending, and support the king who is at reign a well trained army. And that every kings no matter great or small, powerful or weak, must have lords that obey and respect him to serve him. And in return that would receive protection and support from the king.

Feudalism first started in the land which is known as France now. Yahh, sooo, hmmm, anyway the frankish king had a problem with their the territories were invaded and that they are more interested in fighting each other rather than fighting their enermys. Soo lack of money and.

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