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Gemstone 3

Josh Barrie


Thomas Alva Edison

CAPTURE: I.) What would we do without incandescent light bulbs, phonographs, motion picture cameras - things we all take for granted?

A.) They were all invented by me, Thomas Alva


B.) I made more than 1,000 inventions.

MOTIVATE: II.) How can I capture sound and motion in time? Is there a way to make a practical light bulb? Can people talk to each other from great distances? These are some of the questions I asked myself to make some of my most famous inventions.

ASSERT: III.) All of my inventions have changed many lives. I¹m here to talk about these.

PREVIEW: IV.) Let¹s discuss my most popular and important inventions I completed during my 84 year life.

A.) My incandescent light bulb

B.) My phonograph

C.) My improved telephone


SUPPORT: V.) My first invention I am going to talk about is my incandescent light bulb.

A.) There was already an electric light bulb out, called an arc bulb, but it was way to bright for practical use.

B.)My incandescent light bulb has a special wire, or filament, made out of tungsten.

VI.) Another invention I¹ll refer to is the phonograph.

A.)You may know this as a recorder and player.

B.)It was crude, but it worked and was used for a long time.

C.)It had a long tube with a funnel at the end where you talk into it. The rest of machine looked sort of like a typewriter.

VII.) My final invention I¹ll talk about, is my improved telephone.

A.)There were already telephones out, but they had low quality sound and short range.

B.) I improved it so it sounded a better and had a farther range.

ENDING: VIII.) When you turn on a light, go to a movie, call your friend on the phone, or listen to CD¹s, remember, it was all made possible by me, Thomas Edison, and my innovative mind.

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