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Getting the most from our education

Getting The Most From Our Education

My goodness Captain, you ask some hard questions! I think some of the

responsibility could fall into the family's lap. Are people helping their kids

with their homework? Are we checking to see if there is anything we can do to

help? Are we praising thier accomplishments, and encouraging them, instead of

critizing. Do we still check to see who their friends are? These were some of

the things my parents did. As with most parents they made mistakes, as did I,

but they did their best. And I did my best to make amends to them when I drifted.

I think, I know I could have done better in school, I'm not sure if my study

habits would change today. (one of the reasons I'm alittle reluctant to go back

to college) But the values I learned young seem to be the ones that stick. And I

feel the worst when I fall short of keeping them. That doesn't mean that the new

values I'm learning aren't just as important, it just seems like it takes longer

for me to incorperate them in my daily life. But, just like everything else, it

takes alot of practise to get things right. Maybe we do need to do more to

create civic pride, do have something that people can say, "I'm involved with

this". For me everytime I check out and explore something new I always learn

something. And whenever I reach out and help someone, I fell good. It was great

to see the students of General Brown help out in the community with the

Thanksgiving dinner for the seniors (I know there was another school that helped

out too, I forgot who, if someone else remembers, please jump in and add their

thanks to the list). If we want our kids to be less self-centered, we have to

show them the example. If they don't follow, it won't be from lack of exposure.

This is a transient world nowadays. The kids that grow up and get educated here

might go away. If we give the best education we can to the kids, then when they

say - I was educated in the North Country, they can say it with pride, not as an

excuse. It's not easy. But if one person gets an idea, from something as simple

as a question on a discussion page, to go out and do something for the community,

for education, for the youth of the community, then that's a start. And a good


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