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Governments in the movie star wars vs governments in the home

Governments In Star Wars V.S. Governments in the Home

In the movie "Star Wars" their exist many different forms of government. In this essay I

will be comparing those forms in the movie to the ones found in the home. I will be starting

with the most basic form of government and working up to the most complex.

The most basic form of government is anarchy, The total absence of government.

In the movie the best example of anarchy is Yoda, living by himself on Dagohba without the

interference of any one apart from self. An example of this at home would be when children are

left at home while their parents are away for any extended period of time. Unlike Yoda though,

the children do not live in a total anarchist state for they will eventual have to answer to their

parents when they return.

The next most primitive form of government is a direct democracy as shown by

the Ewoks. The Ewoks probably started out as many small groups that lived separate from one

another and grew into what they are now through the evolution theory where, over time banned

together in order to provide an easier means to access the necessities of life for the groups. At

the time you see them in the movie they seem to be using a tribal form of government where the

elders make up the governing body, but let every one else take part in the policy making

process. Besides using a tribal form of government they also believe in divine right, or a god

given someone the right to rule them as demonstrated by the Ewoks immediate worship of

C3-P0 upon sight. This can be compared to any modern family a moving into an apartment

along with many other families where there is a manager, but the every one living in the building

can have a say of what goes on with the policy for the building.

Another basic type of government is a dictatorship where only a small group or

one person have control of a group of people. There is two different examples of a dictator ship

in "Star Wars", one is the Emperor's, which will be discussed later, and that of Jabba's. Jabba

is a gangster on Lukes' home planet which is controlled by the empire. Jabba has a dictatorship

over a small group of people and has a territory in which he has sovereignty, and therefore has

all the qualities of a state. He has total control of his area including without having to give to

the will of the people he governs. he also has control of the making and enforcing of policies

which is the role of government.

The Imperial Empire is also an dictator ship as stated above but with a couple minor

differences. At one time there was no such thing as the empire but through many battles the

emperor gain control through the use of force, establishing his government as the governing body

for the universe. In the early days of the empire there was an imperial senate that shared powers

with the emperor in a federalist type of government where the different planets each sent their

own representative to the senate. In an effort to gain more control over the universe the emperor

destroyed the senate by assassinating its members. As a result of this the power than fell to a

small group of generals who elected Darth Vader as there leader and second in command much

like a parliament would. After the first Death Star was blown up the emperor took total control

of the government and using Darth Vader as his go between with his generals. As you can see

the Empire had evolved from some what of a democracy into a unitary dictatorship where every

thing revolves around the emperor. Given that the emperor wasn't taking away freedoms as a

punishment but to further his own control of the galaxy, but if you look at the progression that

took place it can be compared to how parents might react when their children get out of line. At

first they may limit some of their freedoms, and then if they continue to do the things that the

parent deem wrong they might get all of their freedoms taken away.

The most complicated of the governments in the "Star

Wars" movies would be that of the Rebel Alliance. From what you see one can conclude

that the rebels are a confederacy born with the sole purpose of over throwing the Imperial

Empire. The reason this is the most complicate in my mind is that they must get many different

planets to join and contribute money and people to the cause while trying to avoid the emperor.

Also they must elect a leader from the many different planets to head up the alliance. An

application of this form of government could exists when the neighborhood could ban together

to protest a city ordinance or building project. Where the sole purpose of the group is to stop the

city or come to a compromise that settle the matter, but when the matter is finally resolved the

group will disband for there would be no need for it anymore after accomplishing its goal.

Over all the many different forms of government displayed in "Star Wars" can be related

and observed through out home life. Though there might not be one perfect form of government

since they all have their drawbacks it might be in the best interest to study all of the different

approaches to maybe come up with a combination of many different forms of governing to make

a more perfect government., or at least be willing to change a little before a major downfall


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