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Grammar re test

After hearing the results of are grammar retest, I was stunned to here why so

many people had failed a retest. Usually, every time the teacher gives a retest, the marks are

usually high. The first test done was( I think ) hard. The first test, I studied for about 1

hour and after that I thought that I would score high on the test. I ended up getting a little

lower then I expected. Then, I heard that there would be a retest so I felt no need to study

hard but to only review what I have learned.

During a test, I have many suggestions to my classmates. First the best way to

get a good result is to study until you are capable of remembering what you have studied.

Then, in the morning, I always do a review just to remember more. Sometimes, I just do a small

review in homeroom. Some other times I would come early to study. When I get the test, one of the

best ways to do better is to read the test over about 2 times. That always helps even if you

didn't study.

I feel the results of my test (and most people) were inadequate. I feel that I

should have studied much more. I reviewed the test and added up how many mistakes I had and

in which areas I had difficulty. It turns out, that most of my mistakes came on verbs. I come

to a conclusion that the test I took was not studied hard enough for and next time to

spend more time studying.

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