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High school proposal

High School Proposal

High Schools across the country are each very different in the ways that they are operate their schools. Some of the schools have the money, the well-educated teachers, and the perfect location that gives their students a chance for a better education. On the other hand, some schools are very poor, have a lot of crime and violence within the school, and is located in a poor location, which gives the students that attend those schools a very small chance of even graduating. Each school wants for their students to receive the best education possible in their school, with the hopes that their students will graduate within four years, and receive their high school diplomas. Secondary Education is a very important aspect of education, weather the school is private, public, or a charter school. Each school has the same basic goals: to give students the opportunity for learning, to teach them the basic subjects required for graduating, and to give them a welcoming, healthy, and safe learning environment.

In my ideal high school there are several things that I feel would make the school a beneficial learning environment.

The school would be a middle-sized school, consisting of anywhere between 850 to 1000 students, but no more than 1000. Schools that are overcrowded, and have a large number of students tend to have a harder time keeping things under control. There will be twenty to twenty-five students per classroom, with one teacher per class. This will give both the students and teachers the opportunity to know one another on a more personal level. Students who need extra help will be able to seek their teacher much easier because of the smaller size of the class. This is especially beneficial for those students who have a learning disability, and need more help and time with their education. The teacher will be able to spend more time helping those students who need it with a smaller class size.

The students would be divided up among their grade levels, freshman through Senior, and would take the basic required classes with their own classmates. The curriculum will consist of the basic requirements: English, Math, Science, and History. Students will also be required to complete a minimum of two years of foreign language during their high school career for a graduation requirement. Most colleges require a foreign language to be accepted into their school, so requiring it in high schools school gives the students start on the college preparation, and applying process. Not only that, but the students will have a more culturally diverse atmosphere by learning other languages and cultures of the world within their curriculum. The school will also offer several different classes within each department for students to choose from, after completing their basic requirements. The students can choose the classes that suit them best, and fit their interests. Some departments would include home economics, theater, music, and shop classes. The elective classes that they can choose from will be made up of students from various grade levels. That way the students get a chance to meet people in the other grade levels, and have the opportunity to interact with people other then their same classmates from day to day.

The school day would begin at 8:45 in the morning, and consist of seven class periods throughout the day, each lasting 45 minutes in length. The students will be required to take the four main subjects during four of the class periods, one class period will be used for a required study hall period, and the other two periods will be whichever elective classes the students choose to take. The school day will end at 3:35 PM, giving the students who are involved in sports and clubs after school the chance to have their practices and meetings. It also gives the students who have jobs enough time to get to work, and work for the evening hours. The school will offer several different sports teams, clubs, and after school activities. Students who participate in school activities in clubs are less likely to get into trouble. They have the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and interact with people of all different backgrounds. Being involved gives students something to do, and keeps them away from violence, drugs, and crime. The students will have a 45-minute lunch period, which will be an open campus lunch. They will be allowed to leave during their lunch hour to go out eat lunch somewhere else, or to their houses if they choose to eat lunch at home. They also have the option of staying at the school and eating in the cafeteria if they choose to do so. The cafeteria will consist of a hot lunch line each day, an Ala Carte line, and two healthy fast food places, Subway and Campbell’s soup. The open campus lunch period is a privilege for the students.

The school will be quite large and to avoid students excuses and tardys, the students will be allowed eight minutes passing time between each class. That should give them plenty of time to get to their lockers and to the next class. That also leaves them enough time to use the restroom and to walk from one end of the school to the other if their class is that far away. There will be consequences after a certain number of tardys are received since eight minutes is a reasonable amount of time to get to class. For those students who are tardy to classes, they will have to spend their open campus lunch period in a lunch detention. During the semester, each student will have consequences for not arriving to their classes on time. After three tardies, the student will be required to spend one week in detention during their open campus lunch period. After six tardies, they will have the open campus lunch privilege taken away from them for the rest of the semester. After nine tardy, they will be removed from the class they are continuously late too, and will need to retake the class next semester.

The school should be a safe learning environment where the students feel secure. Violence among youths in today’s schools is one of parents top concerns about their students attending school. There will be tight security procedures in the school which will include cameras, police officers, and an on campus police station. There will be cameras placed in the hallways, in the cafeteria, and in the parking lots of the building. The TV monitor screens will be placed in the high school office for the principals and secretaries to watch. There will also be an on campus police station which will be able to watch and monitor the cameras as well. Either way, someone is always going to be watching the cameras throughout the day, either being the principals or the police. Police officers will patrol and walk around the campus to make sure that everyone is safe, and is being treated safely. Having the police officers in the school will make the students less likely to try any acts of

violence within the school grounds.

The diversity of students in today’s classrooms is increasing. It is important that the teachers of the school treat students of all genders, races, and backgrounds equally. By understanding and respecting the array of different cultures and languages represented in their classrooms, the teachers are able to adopt strategies for teaching that will help encourage and support student achievement. The teachers will be given curriculum check-ups each semester to make sure they are teaching efficiently, properly, and fairly. They will also be evaluated on a regular basis in their classroom settings to ensure the quality of the education being taught is where it should be. Teachers will be required to let their students know specific office hours when they can come seek additional help and tutoring for the class. This way, students can get the extra help they need from the teacher they have.

Students will be required to wear a uniform every day that they attend school. Uniforms create a unity among the students, regardless of their personal social status, race, and backgrounds. Each individual will be treated equally based on the same appearance of their clothing. The uniforms will be chosen by the students of the school, which will give them the opportunity to have say in what they will be wearing. The students of the school will vote on the uniforms that they would feel comfortable wearing to school each day.

The Defense:

I have the intent of creating a high school that is a safe, educating, and a growing learning environment for all students who attend. I can see that I need to further explain my proposal with facts, information, and evidence from other schools to help pursued you in realizing my proposal is going to create an ideal high school in today’s society. I feel my proposal is very ideal, and can be done with the help of many motivated teachers and administrative staff.

I feel that Violence among youth in schools today is one of American societies most pressuring concerns. After the several high school shootings and tragedies across the country, schools have been taking violence very seriously and trying to prevent it from happening within their school. After the Columbine tragedy there was more effort to show a physical security presence within the school. Added security measures included metal detectors, surveillance cameras, fences around school property, and more lighting in stairwells and areas outside the school. The security mesures that were taken were important because they helped make both the parents and students feel safer about their school. Many schools also added either professional security guards or a police officer to help cut down on the violence, crime, and drug use within the school.

High schools that are too large in size have a higher chance for more crime within the school community. By limiting the overcrowding of high schools, and providing a classroom atmosphere with a limited number of students, violence will be less likely to occur within the school. Less violence and more safety can be promoted by providing an environment in which students find a meaningful role in their school, and have a variety of social activities in which to participate in. If the school is too large, they will be unabable e to provide the students with enough clubs and activities to keep them out of trouble. Students who are involved in school and community activities are less likely to engage in violence and disorder than the students who feel deprived of a personally meaningful school and community involvement.

In the argument regarding the dress codes, there are several benefits to uniforms in a school environment. The first and foremost is the cost of maintaining a stylish wardrobe can be expensive. Many families have more important things to spend their money on than the image of school children. The dress code is a way to keep the costs down for the families of the students. In some schools, there has been fighting and stealing based on expensive brand named clothing, and even sneakers. By wearing a uniform it, will cut down on the violence and crime due to the fact of expensive personal items. Some of the baggy clothes that are worn by students are easy to hide and conceal weapons, as well as drugs. School uniforms were especially recommended in schools in which gangs operated, which eliminated gang colors or emblems on their clothing. Studies have shown that the students who dress more formally achieve at a higher level than those students who dress casually. Being dressed in specific school attire will help the students see that school is a serious environment, and they will take learning more seriously as well.

Researchers say teenagers who get more sleep at night are more alert in class the next morning. If classes started later students would get more sleep and be more alert, and their grades would approve. Recent studies have shown that a child’s biological clock moves forward in the teen years. As a result, teenagers stay up later, often before 11:00 p.m. before they even get tired, and need to sleep later and longer. Many high schools start school around 7:00 a.m., and their students are only averaging about 7 ½ hours of sleep per night. Researchers suggest that teens need nine hours of sleep to function in school through the entire day. Lack of sleep has been shown to increase irritability, anxiety, and depression. Sleep loss has also been linked to decrease in socialization, mental fatigue, and reduced memory. Later starting times would enhance the student’s grades, well being, and attitudes with more sleep.

Wahlstom headed a study in which she compared 471 students in Minnesota schools with 599 students starting earlier in another urban school district nearby. The study found that the Minneapolis teens were less depressed, had fewer sick rates, a higher attendance rate, and fell asleep less often in classes due to the later starting time.

Many educators and schools emphasize high standards of teaching as an important factor in improving the quality of education for all students. As a result, schools and districts are looking for new ways to develop a high quality curriculum that reflects the standards and goals for which the education community is willing to be held accountable. Developing a standard based curriculum required changes in the way teachers teach and schools are run. Care must be taken in order to build capacity for all educators and to provide adequate time for monitoring and evaluation of the curriculum. The curriculum development process also should provide opportunities for reflection and revision so that the curriculum is updated and improved on a regular basis.


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