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High school vs college

High School V. College

Suddenly you realize you're clothes don't appear clean, and folded neatly in your drawer to wear anymore. Instead, a pile of dirty clothes has begun to overflow out of your closet. Though some things remain the same, doing ones own laundry is just one of the changes a student will notice when making the transition from high school to college.

Students going from high school to college will find that many things stay the same. They will still have to get up for class every morning and be expected to spend time outside of class doing homework. Students will also see that they will still have a busy schedule every day in college just as they did in high school. Although these parts of high school and college are the same, many parts of college will be a new experience for students.

One of the biggest differences between high school and college is the amount of guidance a student will have. When in high school and living at home, parents were always there to make sure homework was done, their kids made it to class every day and were home in time for curfew. When students get to college, they are suddenly faced with all sorts of new freedoms. They will have to choose priorities and decide whether to do homework or go out with friends. No one will be there to tell the students what they ought to do.

A second change a student will have to make when going to college is learning to live with a roommate. While living at home, a student could always escape from everything and be alone just by going to his bedroom. In college, there will usually always be his roommate and three friends sitting in the room. College forces students to share everything that they may not have had to before with someone who may be a complete stranger.

The final part about college that is different from high school is the amount of studying a student has to do. In high school, much work was done in classes or in study halls that a student has to sit in. In college, there is no given time for studying. Students much spend more time on their own to complete the assigned homework.

Although some parts of high school are the same as college, much will be different. From the amount of studying to the many new freedoms, moving from high school to college will be a big adjustment for students.

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