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High schoolcollege contrasts

High School/College Contrasts

I have spent four years in high school

and only two and a half months in

college, but I have already noticed a lot

of differences between the two. Some of

the changes were good, but there were

also some bad ones.

The first difference I noticed right

away was the fact that you don't have all

of your classes every day of the week.

In high school, you had anywhere from

three to six classes every day. They

weren't very long, but that gave you

homework almost every night. In college,

however, you normally have about five

classes. Some of the classes met twice

a week, and others met three times a

week. This gave you more time to do the

assigned homework and more class time

to ask questions or take notes on


The second major difference I saw

was the density of people in classes, in

the halls, and on the sidewalks. In high

school there were usually around

twenty-five to thirty students in each

class, but in college the most I have seen

in one classroom at one time was about

nineteen. The hallways in high school

were always packed and you would have

trouble even going to another classroom

four rooms down. In college there is

always plenty of room and you can get

all the way across campuswith no hassle

at all.

Another minor difference was the

appearance and attitude of the teachers.

In high school the teachers were always

worried about discipline and trying to

keep the students from tearing up the

classroom. In college the teachers act

like they could care less what you do, but

you know they really do care.!? That's

probably because it's not their money

you are wasting when you go in there

and just goof off. College teachers will

just tell you to leave if you are disturbing

the rest of the class. High school

teachers would go through all the trouble

of writing up a referral and taking the

delinquent down to the principal's office

to make sure they actually went.

All in all, it seems like it is a totally

different world in both places. I guess

the atmosphere could have a lot to do

with the age differences in college

compared to age groups that are alike in

high school.

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