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Historical anology

Historical analogies have a great and significant value to everyone. They are used

compare past wars and events, such as World War 1 and Vietnam. They could be used as

guidelines for the future, and a reminder of the past.

"All human events possess unique qualities, thus making reasoning by historical

analogy a precarious enterprise." as described in our historical analogy packet, "The future

has no place to come from but the past, hence the past has predictive value." Meaning that

almost every course we take in life, it somehow relates to the past, which could be

compared with past events to the future in order to show negative and positive

consequences of historical events. For example, after World War II, the United States had

realized aggressions from Japan, Italy, and Germany should have been halted way before

those powers became so strong that only a major World War could stop them. And now

with question in everyone's mind whether or not our troops should be sent into Iraq in

order to stop the mad man Sudan Hussein before he turns to great of a power and only a

major World War could stop him. Also, as a reference to the past would be the killing of

all the Jews by Hitler compared to what Sudan Hussein is doing right now to the Croats.

Hundreds of thousands died during Hitler's evil rage and now with Sudan Hussein

practicing the same methods, action should be taken.

I think historical analogy is very important and serves a great value. With historical

analogy we can see positive and negative consequences from past events and could use

these results to avoid certain situations. As said before, "The future has no place to come

from but the past, hence the past has predictive value."

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