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How to make a sandblasted sign

How To Make Sandblasted Signs

I am going to tell you how you can make a sandblasted sign. The only necessary tools you need are: bass wood, or red wood, rubber masking, spray glue, exacto knife, sand paper, paint (which most of these items you can find at your local hardware store). Also you need to know someone in your community who has a sandblasting machine to sandblast your sign. You will also need a design for your board. (It can be your name, or a symbol of what ever you want it to be NIKE, STARTER, etc.)

Now that you know what you need, you can proceed on your sign. First thing you need to do is to get some bass or red wood. Cut the boards to the exact size you want by using a band saw or hand saw. Also, use the following methods such as gluing, planing, and squaring the boards to the exact length you want your sign to be. Once you have squared your board with the square, your sign will be even on each side. The next step will be to apply the rubber masking to your board.

Now you are ready to put your design on the rubber masking. Apply the spray glue to the rubber masking. Once you have sprayed the glue (in a well ventilated area) to the masking you should wait for about 2 minutes for the adhesive to dry, and begin to cut out your design you have chosen. This is a very time consuming task so it is best to take your time.

This is the time to start cutting on your masking. It is best to leave about one half of an inch around the outside edge of the board. Use your exacto knife to cut the masking. Make sure to center your design and that it is suitably sized to your board. It is important not to make the cuts too small or the sand will tear the rubber masking off.

You need to find someone in the community that does sandblasting. This could be at a monument engraving service near by. They use a special sand that is very fine to cut the wood. Sandblasters also use an air compressor to shoot the air and sand out at a high rate of speed. This process will cost between $2-$5 and the time to complete is approximately two days.

Once you get the sign back from the sandblasting service, you are ready to start painting the board. At this time you have the option to paint the background. (note: do not take off the rubber masking yet!) For painting the board all you will need is an aerosol spray can of paint that can be a color of your choice. After the paint on the background has dried you need to very carefully pull off the rubber masking that remains on the wood. Next you need to sand down the board with sand paper, preferably 220 grit. This will get off all the extra adhesive that was leftover by the rubber masking. This will leave a refined surface on your board, so you can paint. To complete your project purchase any craft paint of your color preference. It may be necessary to apply many different coats of paint on the sign to make it look the best you can.

As you can see it is not difficult to make a sandblasted sign. It takes determination and little will power. Once your project is completed you will have a sign you are proud of. Since you see sandblasted signs everywhere, such as in restaurants and golf courses, perhaps you will choose a career in making signs. I hope this paper has given you inspiration to complete a sandblasting project.

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