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I felt like teo

I felt like Teo

by Kevin Runion

We all remember that one shinning day in our lives, that day

that Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley tied the knot. Yet, we all

somehow knew that this relationship was never going to make it, and guess

what folks, it didn't. Yes, Mr. Jackson's affair has been exposed, although

we are not allowed to release much of this information but we can say that

this third party was a major Hollywood player.

Michael claims that he was not actually having an affrair but

merely providing sexual favors in order to get a speedy production for

the sequel to his past smash hit movie "The Moon Walker". Though, this extra

parter denys this and says there has been an on going relationship since

before the hookup of Jackson and Presley. Are these aligations true? I think


The devorce was made final late last week, now Michael has moved in

Permanently to his large day care center complex, better known as "I've got

my Hand on your Kid inc.". Though, there is no surprize there, Michael spends

most of his time most of his time at the facility even though he servers

no major function in the day care process (which is another mystery in


Now another issue that should be raised due to all this hype is,

does America find this behavior wrong? If we look back over our past and

think back to when a person might actually be punished for such behavior.

Back in puritan times one might even be branded with a symbol for easy

recognition. Now your just acknowleged and forgotten, with no repercutions

of any kind. Is America drifting toward a sinning society? You decide.

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