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J d salingers writing style

Salinger's Writing Style

I think Salinger's writing style is unlike any other I have ever seen. He writes in a very open and explicit way. He lets the reader know how the character feels at that time and his or her thoughts. For the first time, I can see a definite connection between the main character in the story and the author. Salinger seems to be almost identical to Holden in the story. They have the same attitude towards other people and they think the same way, too. I am sure Salinger used his teenage years as reference in creating Holden. In other words, I think Holden is a reflection of Salinger's teenage years. This makes his writing even more clear because he knows exactly how Holden feels and he can use his own feelings to write the story. It is hard to know exactly how a person feels, but you know your own feelings very well. Because Salinger's feelings are the same as Holden, he can tell them directly to the reader. Feelings are hard to make up and until you feel them, you cannot fully experience and understand them. He also writes in a way as if he was talking to you directly. I can almost hear Holden in my mind telling the story to me. This makes it much more real and it seems as if I was taking part in the story. I also like how the story moves on and does not stay on an incident or topic for more than one chapter. The story has a fast pace and I like it that way. It makes is less difficult to follow and read. As a result from the fast pace, I was more tuned into the story and did not want to skip ahead when it got boring. I can definitely say that I liked Salinger's writing style.

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