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John d rockelfeller

John D. Rockelfeller was a rich man who made his fortune in the oil refinery

business. He created a monopoly in the standard oil trust company. He gave away most

of his fortune. In my opinion Rockelfeller is a captain of industry. Vanderbilt, The New

York Times, Allen Nevins, and an excerpt from Rockelfeller's biography led me to this


Rockelfeller to me is a captain of industry because of his philanthropy and great

success. An article from the New York Times helped swayed my decision. It gave

amounts of money he had given away. One of the foundations he had given the most

money to was the Rockelfeller Foundation, New York City. He gave $182,857,480.90 to

it. Another foundation he gave to was the General Education Board. He contributed

$129,209,167.10 to it. In his life time he gave away a total of 550 million dollars. The

New York Times also stated he was a dedicated to giving his fortune away. I also felt he

was a Captain of Industry because of Allen Nevins (Historian). He talked about

Rockelfeller being a "Bold Innovator in industry and philanthropy" he also said he was

"an organizing genius." Allen Nevins, Historian 1940. Another person who swayed my

decision was William H. Vanderbilt. He felt Rockelfeller had a monopoly because he

was "Enterprising, Shrewd, Able, and Smart." Pg. 128 promise of America volume 3.

Vanderbilt knew that Rockelfeller had a successful business because of his good skills.

The last thing that helped me decide was a excerpt from Rockelfeller's biography. His

opinion was like Vanderbilt's, stating his success was because of the traits he had. These

are some of the things he said about his self. "I manage my affairs well, have great vigor,

and am fighting to sell" 1936 John D. Rockelfeller's biography. Another point

Rockelfeller made was that he does have competition but in foreign markets. To him

success for him meant success for the US This means the more money he makes the

more our country makes. If we buy from foreign countries our businesses would go out

of business and many Americans would lose their jobs.

To me this decision was hard to make but after comparing the pro's and con's I

feel he is more a Captain of Industry than a Robber Baron.

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