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Let the hype begin

When sponsorship becomes too big a business.

Having just read the article "Let The Hype Begin", on 27th. february, I would like to male a comment on that particular issue:

Am I the only one who has had enough with all this commercializing on TV?.

I know, I know. They tell us all the time on TV that sports events would be minimized, or even non-existing without commercials, but there is a limit to everything. And the limit to this has been reached.

Every time tou want to have a good relaxing football match in front of the TV you see COCA-COLA and IBM and all other known brands all over the TV so that it is hard to see the atheletes because of all the billboards.

I think it sucks!.

Of course the advertizers should have the oppurtunity to show their colors at sports events, but if it was a little but more discrete, it would certainly be a lot more enjoyable to see football games on TV.

As we all know, there will be a "unimportant" sporting event on TV, a.k.a. the olympics, and already know, a year and a half before the Games, we are being told who are sponsoring the games. Not one, but many times a day. I hate it.

Also to the athletes it is a problem: they know that their career in sporting depends on their results even more than earlier, because if they do not make any results, they will not be having any sponsorships either. The pressure on the athelete bcomes tremendous, and one little accident can destroy the contract and the link to the money, as well as the results.

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