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Letter to editor why abortion is liberal

Dear Editor,

I believe that the right for a person to chose their own

destiny and how they live is a fundamental principle of this

country. This principle, along with several others helps to

form the fabric of morality and ideas that we live by

everyday. When this right is denied to someone by the

government, undoubtedly something very wrong.

It is such the case with making abortions illegal. By

outlawing abortions, you are outlawing a woman's choice for

how she will live her life. The government has in a sense

become a "big brother" and has decided what is good for her

and what is not. When government goes beyond foreign affair

and the protection of it's citizens, into the controlling of

lives and decisions that we make, it is no longer a

government. It becomes something that goes against every

single principle and idea that this country was founded upon.

It becomes a vacuum of freedom, slowly sucking our rights

away until we are nothing but a mindless mass, devoid of

ideas and a soul.

These lives that we live are not yours, nor are they the

governments. We have the choice to live and to die, and in

that choice lies the very thing that makes us who and what we

are. When you strip of us this choice, of this right, you

take our lives.. And with it, our freedom.


This letter to the editor is liberal in style. The idea

of giving a woman a choice to an abortion is protecting the

rights of an individual is liberal. Also, if we use the idea

of pregnant women being a minority, this letter also protects

the rights of the minority, which is a liberal idea as well.

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