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Liberal education

Liberal Education.

Liberal Education as the name states, meaning "freedom of education" in any discipline. Initially when I registered for Liberal Education, my primary objective was to trim down the number of courses I have to take from the GLER list. At that moment I had no concept what Liberal Education was about or what I can expect from the course. If there was something that concerned me the most were the extra labs and tutorials involved due to the fact that many of the courses offered here at UofL do not have tutorials. At the time of writing this essay, I have attended two weeks of Liberal Education's classes, labs and tutorials. In the following paragraphs I will make an effort to express my thoughts about the course and the aspects linked to it.

Before I go any further elaborating my views I must say that this course is only known to those who have done it. Liberal Education I and II, two 3 credit courses are a true asset to the University of Lethbridge and to the students who have taken it. Glad I made the decision like many others to enroll myself in a course which is in no way restricted to a particular field of study but covers concepts and ideas from various disciplines. This knowledge will not also assist us as students through our university life but will prove to be vital part of our life long after we have graduated. There is no better foundation of an undergraduate in any major at the university other than this course. Liberal Education, a course that can help students taste the different disciplines and decide for themselves which major is right for them or at least guide them to the appropriate path. A course which is so diversified, leads you to see connections across disciplines, makes you think, challenges you own views and offers a valuable chance to share and learn from others. This course has made it possible to involve professors from many faculties sharing their ideas, knowledge and experiences. Finally Dr. D. Bruce Mackay (course coordinator), Jeremy asdfsd (my teaching assistant for tutorials) and Allison Roest (Liaison Officer) all help us to bring these ideas together, arrive to a conclusion while making us think even deeper in the subject promoting a healthy conversation among the class. No one is wrong or right, it is just a matter of how each of us perceives the world around. Such kind of thinking contributes mainly from the different families, cultures we come from and our own experiences. I said families and cultures because every one of us is led to believe in a particular way about the occurrences that happen in our lives everyday from the day we open our eyes in this world. Experiences, because all of us face them but comprehend them differently and arrive at dissimilar conclusions, at least some of us would. Due to these and many other reasons we tend to think differently from others and this course can bring critical knowledge to us from other students, professors and teaching assistants because of the open discussion nature of it. Every Educational institute has its own culture and unwritten set of rules which students have to observe and learn. It is very important for every freshman to university to learn time management, keeping healthy, financial management, attending lectures, getting to know the Information technology department (email, webct, online notice board) etc. There is not a single course which offers such important information all in one to students other than Liberal Education who are over whelmed in the first smester. I was quite surprised that the labs and tutorials have been placed to help students with such issues other than helping them in the course material. What better can it be than to have a 3rd or 4th year university student as a teaching assistant for the tutorials? Ideas and tips from a current senior student's experience and even willing to tell about different professors, courses and what to expect from these courses.

In conclusion, if you have the option, do take this course. You will thank yourself and the person who recommended the course to you. If you want to save yourself the trouble and time spending in computer labs trying to access webct, time management or many such issues, this is the course. How about taking 5 courses all from different disciplines and at the end of the semester realizing that these weren't the courses for you! Liberal Education will give you a sample of all making it easier for you to decide courses in the future semesters.

"Liberal Education, a course that is truly diversified and a threshold for freshmen to success". Highly Recommended.

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