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Lord of the flies 5

Lord of the Flies is an intuitive look into the thoughts and actions of a group of boys stranded on a deserted island. The novel deals with tragic and provocative scenes of terror and an ongoing timeline of events to follow a pack of boys on an incredible journey while a nuclear war continues on back home. The bonding and breaking of friendships, Ralph's obsession with getting home, and the regressions to savagery are just a few of the many aspects of Lord of the Flies.

Through the entrance of the first few characters in the novel we believe many friendships are going to be formed. The novel dives right into a quickly formed friendship through the rivalry for leadership between Ralph and Jack. We later find that it was not meant to be and that as time passes Ralph and Jack's rivalry develops into a hatred for each other and Jack's true colors shine through. Through the rivalry between Ralph and Jack an opening is formed for Piggy to become Ralph's friend. Ralph and Piggy soon realize that they need each other to stay sane and alive while on the island and that they are in reality best friends.

While stranded on the island many of the boys dream of one day being rescued and going home. Ralph constantly shows his obsession with getting home and uses all of his power and knowledge to find a way home. Ralph knows he has to light a fire on the top of the mountain to be used as a signal to flag down a passing boat or plane, so that they can be rescued and go home to their families. When Jack lets the fire go out Ralph is enraged and does not know what to do. He can hardly control himself and makes the realization that he has just possibly lost his only chance to go home. Ralph hopes of one day going home and this is the one thing that keeps him alive and willing to go on each day while on the island.

When the boys first began their adventure on the island they had nothing in mind, except to someday go home. They never thought that they would change in any way or possibly become totally different people. As the boys started out on the adventure of a lifetime they never expected to lose something so very important -- their sanity. Through their simple acts of lighting the fires for cooking and as distress signals, hunting wild pigs for food, and having a good time by dancing and partying on the beach, these boys lost their civil behavior, which was once common, and turned into savages. Through their regression to savagery these boys no longer knew what they were doing or the difference between right and wrong. The boys have become savages and through this they no longer have rules and their democracy has become a dictatorship. They do not know that they will be safe, and are without the comfort and protection of rules.

At the conclusion of the novel we know that this group of strong willed boys ends up going home. We also know that numerous things have happened to these boys and that for many of them, life will never be the same. Some of the boys encountered great tragedy and were often very frightened and most likely could not sleep at night due to the nightmares they would have. Whether it was the gaining or losing of friends, the realization of a dream to go home, or a loss of self control, these boys have all come a long way. They all fought the battle, but not everyone won.

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