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Love one another

Love One Another

Well, I sure hope I was not the only one who caught the main message of

today's gospel. If you accidently missed the gospel, the main message from

Jesus was that he commanded us to "love one another." I gave the message some

thought thinking of "how can I love everybody?" How could I love my enemies?

How can I love someone when they already have a lover? How can I love someone

that I do not know? It is all these "how's."

So how can I love my enemy? After giving it more thought, I found a

little solution. It might not be the best solution, but it will suit my needs.

If this enemy offends me, I tell the enemy with my heart that I truly did not

appreciate that comment. What does that relate to love your enemy? I was

trying to show my love to my enemy by expressing my feelings.

What about how can I love someone when they already have a lover? We

can still love someone and still be friends or maybe even best friends. There

is nothing wrong in being friendly with someone that already has a lover.

Well, what about how can I love someone that I do not know? An easy

solution is to get to know society. Just do not have doubt and end up using

assumption. Be critical, be open, ask questions, and get to know how peers.

Okay, but what if I am a shy person? There is wrong being shy. Everybody is

shy of something, but shyness can always be reverse. I used to be shy of

something, but then I gave it some thought when I was thinking when life was

getting boring. I thought that if I were more open and sought friendship, my

life would be much happier.

So loving one another. Is it possible? In my words it is possible, but

it is a long process that cannot happen overnight. It takes a period of time.

I never accomplished the full meaning of loving one another, but just because I

never completed in loving everybody, it does not mean I do not have to try.

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