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Luther martin

Martin Luther.

Born. Novemeber 10, 1483. Eisleben, Saxon

Died. Febuary 18, 1546. Eiselben.

German priest, biblical scholar and linguist whose Ninety-five Theses, an attack on various eclesiastical abuses, precipitated the Protestant Reformation.

Lutherm the son of a minor who wanted him to become a lawyer, attended the University of Erfurt. In 1506he joined the monastic order of St. Augustine and was ordained a priest in 1507. From 1508 to 1546 he taught at the new University of Wittenberg, receiving a doctorate in theology in 1512. The degree was important to Luher because of its implications of public responsibility, and these were soon joned with the duties of a professor when he was apponted to the chair of biblical theology. This was his lifelong calling, and the exposition of the bible to his students was a task that called forth his best gifts and energies. In between his lectures he began the Protestant Reformation.

Luther had entered on the search for evangelic perfection with zeal and sought exactly to fulfil the rule of his order

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