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Madame bovary

In Madame Bovary by gustave Flaubert, the theme of fantasy not always being reality is carried throughout the novel. Emma prefered the fantasy world to the real world. She spent most of her time yearning for a life with passion, exitement, and bliss. She was blind to the world around her, she longed for the romantic fantasy life she had dreamed about since she was a child. She found her life dull and unfullfilling and was constantly trying to change reality.

Emma wanted a dreamlover. She wanted a man to fullfill all her fantasys, a man to rescue her from the life she was living and to take her into her fantasy world. Emma went through many lovers, searching for the one love that would last always. She wanted to live through her dreams, never realizing that she would never find her dreamlover. Emma died because she would not step out of her fantasy world.

Living in a fantasy world, rather then the dream world, certainly did not give Emma a life of passion, exitement, and bliss. Emma was blind to the good life she could of had, if she had not been so relentless to living out her fantasy. To achieve a life of happiness, one must live their life to the fullest without false aspirations.

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