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Management information system 2


A Report on Internet technology at Sony Corporation and Toshiba Inc.


1.   Introduction ........................... 2

 2.   Today’s World and the Internet .. 3

 3.   Sony Corporation

 4.   Toshiba Inc.



 7.   Information technology at the HQs

 8.   Website Discussion

 9.   Conclusion

Today’s World and the Internet

  The world has been moving dynamically across the ages. There have been many alterations in the world economies and technologies. However, the three main worldwide changes that altered the environment that today’s organizations function are Globalization, which is a concept of global workgroups, delivery systems and competition in world markets. Moreover, there has been a transformation of individual economies and societies into "Knowledge and Information based service economies".

 Additionally, the business enterprise itself has been transformed into flatter, more decentralized, flexible, teamwork motivated and costs have dropped due to the advancement of technology.

  Above all, the Internet, the world’s largest and most widely used network that connects nearly 200 countries together for science, education, gov’t and business has become the primary technology in today’s information age.

  Additionally, on a more microcosm level, the Internet technology is being increasingly applied to facilitate the management of the rest of the business, using internal communication networks or Intranet.

  Through internet technology, a whole new dimension of markets emerge since a vast array of goods and services are being advertised, bought and exchanged worldwide using the internet as a global marketplace. Moreover, large electronic shopping malls are being opened whereby customers can locate products and services by name and by type and automatic order is available. One example of the Internet for business use says that a Lebanese importer has purchased over US$150,000 of communications and computer equipment from Asia via the Internet.

  The Internet is based upon client/server technology, where users of the net control what they do through client applications, using graphical user interfaces (GUI) or character-based products that control all functions. The major functions of the Internet interms of electronic transactions or e-commerce are:

·        Communicate and collaborate

·        Exchange business transactions

·        Shopping

·        Access information

 In the following pages, Sony Corp. and Toshiba Inc. will reveal their websites on which a lot of information about themselves is shown. This shows that a large percentage of effort and dependence is put because of the websites' importance.

 Sony Corporation

  Sony Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Sony is one of the world’s premiere entertainment and electronics companies.

  Nature of work

Sony is poised to be the leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for the 21st century consumer and professional markets.

Sony’s music, motion pictures, television production, computer entertainment operations and online business make Sony one of the most comprehensive companies in the world.


Sony Corporation of Japan together with its 1,041 consolidated subsidiaries worldwide have geared its human and raw material resources to provide innovative, satisfactory and durable entertainment and electronic devices of high quality and world standards to serve the consumer effectively and efficiently.

Major operations

  Sony has many operations and divisions, as listed below:

Sony Corp. of America (SCA) Etah Inc.

Sony Electronics Inc. Sony Computer

Entertainment USA

Sony Transcom

Sony Pictures Entert.

Materials research corp.

Sony Online Entert. Inc.

Sony Cinema products corp.

Sony Development

Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Partnerships

Sony Plaza

Annual Sales

US$56.6 billion (FY ended Mar 31, 1999)


 US Sales US$ 18.0 billion

177,000 employees worldwide

(FY ended Mar 31, 1999)

28,200 employees in USA

Products and technology Range

Digital still cameras ATRAC3

Digital Camcorder CD Text

Mobile Phones Data Media

Lithium ion Battery Digital Dream land

Metal Evaporated Tape Digital image creation

Memory stick Disc identification method

MO Polygon Eater

Robot Research forum




Factory Automation

Global ENG service network

Printer Driver Download

Professional Media


Toshiba Incorporated

Toshiba Inc. is a large multinational organization that is also headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Toshiba is well known for its diverse production of electronics that are designed to serve today's world.

Nature of work

Toshiba, in every sense is a world company. Since 1965, when Tokyo-based Toshiba was established, it has grown into a multibillion dollar Fortune 500 company with six distinct and successful divisions of its own. Toshiba Inc. manufactures a wide variety of simple domestic products such as TVs, telephone sets to high-tech products such as semiconductors and digital hardware.


Toshiba Inc. has been a company serving a long-term dedication to serve its worldwide customers. Toshiba and its expertise have been focused on serving man' need interms of technology, speed and sophistication shown through its product design. Moreover, it has an environmentally friendly policy that is incorporated in its industries globally.

Major operations

 Toshiba's main operations around the world are shown below:

  Toshiba Business Solutions, Inc. (TBS)

 Toshiba Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP)

 Toshiba Electronic Components, Inc. (TEC)

  Toshiba Information Systems, Inc. (TIS)

  Toshiba Medical Systems, Inc. (TMS)

  Toshiba International Corporation (TIC)

Annual Sales

US$6.4 billion (FY ended 1998)


  100,000 employees worldwide

(FY ended 1998)

Products and technology Range

Headphones Digital Satellite Systems

Digital Camcorder Internet terminals

Cameras and imaging Semi conductors

Home Entertainment Wireless computing

DVD Cable and networks products

Televisions Telecommunication systems

Walkmans Toshiba Compact ISDN Router

Speakers PCX 1000 cable modem


Copiers and faxes

 Medical imaging

Industrial imaging

Presentation products

Telecommunications products

Toshiba PCX1000

Toshiba Compact ISDN


Toshiba Digital and PC cameras

  After having a brief look at Sony Corp. and Toshiba Inc., we are now able to visit their websites and investigate their use and see what information is available on them.

  We will assess the websites on the following 5 criteria:

·        User interface design and its attractiveness

·        Information provided

·        Options & Maneuvering

·        Multimedia options and the level of interactivity

·        Customer markets

Sony Corp.'s website is found on the following address:

The home page has a colored background with stationary graphics in the center. It is very well designed to give a simple, crisp and an attractive professional look. The advantage to its simple yet attractive home page allows the user to have easy navigation and access to the information wanted through the options available that are placed side by side as shown below:

Large quantities of information is available on the Sony webite. Through the Quick Link option, information on Sony and its operations, products, technologies, services, e-mail, the Sony Dream, comments and games are all available.

Additionally, information on prices, code number, item number and dimensions are all available for Online Shopping. On the following page, the Sony shopping mall is shown when the is pressed. The Sony Online Shopping page is shown overleaf.

Sony boasts multimedia on its website. Multimedia is defined as the technologies that facilitate the integration of two or more types of media, such as text, graphics, sound, voice, full-motion video or animation, into a computer-based application.

On the first page on Sony's home page are five icons as shown below, that offer colorful animation.

  Such multimedia icons offer direct connection with virtually all the entertainment and products Sony has to offer.

For example, pushing the button once on the electronics icon the following page appears. Such maneuverability is very easy and fast.

  The level of interactivity is very good. offers online games and demonstrations, which can be interactive for the user.

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