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Management information system

Management Information system

Term project


Until recently, there was a need of information technology. Companies were content with their old and traditional handling of information necessary to their growth. Source documents or data collected on forms or paper was their best medium for shoring information.

In today’s global environment information itself is considered a important asset for the firms in which they need to store and share large amounts of data by having direct access to it from virtually any spot or location in the world.

All these changes taking place in the business environment call for the use of information systems. The system that is used is the computer based information systems (CBIS). By definition, CGIS is the systems that rely on computer hardware and software for processing and disseminating information. Moreover, it facilitating the work of companies and mattes the managers’ life easier. It purpose is to collect, star and deliver information from an organization’s environment (competitors, customers, etc...).

In order to get best out of an information system, the company in need for a system that is called inter organizational systems that automate the glow of information across organizational boundaries and link a company to its customers, distributors, or suppliers. The types of information system are

1-     Operational level system, which support operational manager, example: transaction processing system (TPS).

2-     Knowledge level system, which support knowledge and data workers, ex: (knowledge work system) KWS and office Automation systems (OAS)

3-     Management level system, which supports the monitoring controlling, decision making and administration activities of middle managers. Ex: MIS, DSS

4-     Strategic level system which support the long range planing activating of senior management. Ex: executive support system (ESS), which is designed to address unstructured decision making through advanced graphics and communications.

Each of the major types of information systems described previously is valuable for helping the organizations solve an important problems. In the past few decades, some of these systems have become especially critical to firms’ long-term prosperity and survival. Such systems powerful tools for staying ahead of the competition.

In order to gain a competitive advantage, the company is in need of a system that could change the goals, operation, product, services or environmental relation ships. To company is in need for the strategic in the systems.

In order to use information systems as competitive weapons , one must first understand where strategic opportunities for businesses are likely to be found. Two models of a firm and its environment have been used to identify areas of the business where information systems can provide advantages over competitors these are the competitive ?? model and the value chain model. The competitive forces model describes the interaction of external influences, specifically threats and opportunities, that affect an organization’s strategy and ability to compete. While the value chain model highlights the primary activities (directly related to firms services) or support activities that add a margin of value to firm’s products or services where inf. Systems can best be applied to achieve a competitive advantage.

Based on the information above, we searched the internet trying to find the two competing organizations. The first one is New York Daily new and the other is New York Newsday. These two organizations performs services to people at a daily bases in the form of a newspaper.

New York Newsday: It’s one of the sixth largest metropolitan newspaper in New York. The residents in Nassan, In ?? and queens consider this newspaper their "Local" one. It started in 1940 and its web site is Newsday. Com. Is rapidly evolving as a major source for information, research and resources.

New York Daily news: has the advantage of the national, regional and local recognition of New York’s number one newspaper, "Daily news". This newspaper is a ?? product everyday. Not only is Daily News online updated daily, they are constantly developing new ideas to keep it provocative and exciting. There is always something new for visitors of the web site to see, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures for your online advertising message.

Daily news: Targets professional, upscale and well educated consumers in the tri-state New York metropolitan consumers in the tri-state New York metropolitan area. The site also attracts large numbers of transplanted New Yorkers, tourists, and others interested in the on goings of the Big Apple- i.e its sports teams, night life, local news, gossip, entertainment and more.

Daily news: online: is robust web site designed with both visitor and advertiser in mind. Its pleasing design, wide range of content and ease of navigation ensures that your online advertising messages are highly visible.

Internet Technology

It is very important to have services online and because of the Internet technology it is found easily. Investing money in stocks online is one of the internet technology in which any person can trade stocks and invest in mutual funds online through broker ages that let him place orders and track his investments on their web sites. Moreover, the internet technology links people through PCs Net in which no long distances anymore. Also internet technology gives the opportunity to people to sign a deal on the web site of a certain company. Example on the date of 17 of October 99, Mayor Guiliani and Gov. Pataki quietly signed a deal with star Media Inc., the world’s largest web site that has content for Spanish and Portuguese speaking audiences.

Information provided: Daily news

The information provided on this newspaper all new, views, sports, last week news, Archives shopping, career. Moreover there are lathery results, Television Guide, Banking center. If a person wants more inf. Abut any item, there is an icon which is called "ad info" for more information.

It is very easy to find information through the "Quick reference menu": by clicking on it, a person can find inf. About the following: News, sports, New York Now, Headlines index, last six days search, Archives, special features, weather, comics, horoscope astrology net. Traffic, city search, Banking center, stock quotes, T.V listings, travel reservations, if a person wants to search for any product, he can just quite the name of it in a certain space and click "go" and the inf will be provided in a seconds inf provided New York Newsday: inf is easily provided in this newspaper: through the quick reference menu where the following inf. Can be found: New, business, Editorial pages, fanfare, sports, Queens editions, currents and books food, Home, Discovery, multimedia options of Newsday: night beat, real estate, travel, by definition, multimedia is a technology that facilitates the integration of two or more types of media such as text graphics, sound, voice, full motion video, or animation into a computer based application.

The Newsday is highly concerned with the multimedia options in order to satisfy customers. Broad casting News (Getting the local, national, and international news and weather). New York Newspapers on line on the internet computer News Daily New York times on the web your Health Daily Business strategies. Moreover, Multimedia provides an option which is a category of "Sign up now and get paid while supporting Answers". If a person has any questions, about today’s trading, commercial online newspaper services. There is a Library web site sampler; since the Internet is unregulated, and not all net sources provide information that is current, accurate, or complete, any person can contact the Library web site which is www. Nassan Library org. or ? web site. Also, cool web sites, independent film, movies, are provided.

Multimedia of Daily news

* information center: about Business, trade, news government, Jobs, Buying movies.

* Internet connection cross reference: cross reference last updated.

* Access statistics: daily transmission statistics, hourly transmission statistics, total transfer,

* Library services to the Spanish speaking.

Major operation of News day:

The major operation of Newsday is to give the updated informations to readers, in the field of Arts, Humanities, History, Region, countries, By time period, Military History, Wars.

Major opera

The major open of Daily news are to give also update inf. To readers in the field of business and Economy. Restaurant Business, Society and culture, people personal home pages, sports Base ball.

In formation about information technology Newsday:

* Information faculties on the internet (internet resources marketing sources, Business resources, technology resources, News sources, government resources, search, cool stuff, Job resources, Suggestion, Questions.

* Revision: any kind of revision related to the Newsday (read follow,. Post follow, message lists).

*http: contents page Aubrey less New York city district leader links of interest city government. Government social economic, political city links return to links page index New York City.

* useful links: New York association of In-house locksmiths Inc. of useful links.

* New York Newspapers on-line: New York Newspapers on the internet computer News, on the web of daily business strategies.

* Cines cape inside: Getting a free issue of cines cape magazine upon clicking here.

* Commercial on-line newspaper services update of

* Baseball: on the Net: Base ball sites dealing with baseball, states, scores, chat, audio, video columns, games, baseball live.

* Shopping on line on the Net: 3000 on line shopping sites, places to shop for gifts, products, malls, stores.

Information about information technology: Daily news

* Information center shopping,....

* Connection cross reference

* Guest book entries: if any person is interested in seeing the past guest books.

* Frequency of Access to remote sites,: N" of Requests to all sites accessed

* Library services to Spanish speaking

* States ?? statistics

* Information faculties on the internet (internet resources marketing sources, Business resources, technology resources, News sources, government resources, search, cool stuff, Job resources, Suggestion, Questions.

* Revision: any kind of revision related to the Newsday (read follow,. Post follow, message lists).

* Shopping on line on the Net: 3000 on line shopping sites, places to shop for gifts, products, malls, stores.


The importance of the Internet technology in to days age is linking may buyers and sellers through a market place called electronic market. Moreover, it is very important to know the process of buying and selling goods and services electronically. This process is called electronic commerce.

At last, strategic information systems often change the organization as well as its products, services, and internal procedures, driving the organization into new behavior patterns. Such change often require new mangers, a new work force, and a much closer relation ship with customers and suppliers.

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