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Master of zoul looks back in time


"Master of Zoul Looks back in Time"

During second period math class, the PA comes on. I hear "David Higgins

to the office for an early dismissal, Please". Being as I was only in

the second grade, I rushed to the office, only to see my God Mother

waiting for me. She tells me that we have to go pick up my other two

brothers at pre-school. I asked her why, but, she only responded with

"I'll explain later". So I followed her to the car and hopped in. We

rushed to Mitzpah, where the pre-school my brothers were in was. We

picked up my two younger brothers and rushed to my God Mothers home in


My God Mother then explained that my father would not be home for a

while, being as he was rushing to Cooper Hospital to see my mother. At

this point in time, being of such a young age, I started to block out a

lot of what she was telling us all. I only remember a little bit of that

period of time because of my memory block.

When my father had come home from the hospital, he told us all that our

mother had been envlolved in a serious car accident, and that sh

wouldn't be home for a few weeks. I don't remember very much after that,

except for the fact that the period of time my mother was in the

hospital fell on her birthday. So, all of the family, except me, sat

down next to the stereo. My father plugged in a microphone, popped in a

blank cassestte and hit record. Each one of the children started to sing

"Happy Birthday", then ended with a personal message. My father then

recorded his message. I was in so much shock and horror that I didn't

want to record anything. I was under the belief that my mother wasn't

coming home at all.

My family kept trying to get me to record something, but, I refused.

After about a week or two of my mother being in the hospital, the whole

family got in the car, and went to visit her. Being as it was a very

large hospital, and alot of people were being brought in every so often.

We were not aloud to stay very long. We had to sign in, and then go

upstairs to the waiting room. My mother was in a special room, so we had

to wait for a nurse to bring her out to the waiting room.

We visited my mother and then went home. I can't remembr much about the

visit, except that it was very short. My mother then eventually came

home. She had to sleep downstairs in a special bed, because she couldn't

walk up the stairs. The accident had crushed her right ankle bone,

making it rather hard for her to walk. Actually, she wasn't able to get

out of bed for a long period of time. When she was finally able to get

out of the bed, she had to use a wheel chair.

Once she was able to leave the house, the family started to look for a

new place to live. We couldn't stay in the house we were living in

because of the damamge to my mothers ankle. She would never again be

able to walk up the steep stairs in the old house. We eventually found a

house in Landisville, were we currently reside. My mother did as much as

she could to get the house straightened up, with the help of a few very

nice friends.

I have learned to love my mother alot more, and cherish life for all it

is. The accident had left a small memory block. But, until this day, I

can remember sitting in class and hearing "David Higgins to the office

for an early dismissal, Please".


Written by: Master of Zoul


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