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Materialism what do you think it is?We all know that materialism is what a person wants not what he needs.Materialism also is the standards that other people see that we think we haveto live by. As Webster’s Dictionary state, materialism is a theory thatphysical matter is only fundamental reality. Americans are very materialistic.Because our society is so materialistic, people can be hurt, and ashamed of howthey dress. Materialism in our society can also be costly. If we took a secondand looked at our society we would be able to see that our society is verymaterialistic.

We are very concerned with differentname brands such as Polo, Tommy, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Kline, Fubu, Nautica,Nike, Adidias and the list could go on and on. We see the different stars ontelevision, in movies, commercials, and magazines or on stages. Whether theyare actors, actress, singers, models we all look at the clothing they wear andthink that this is what must be fashionable acceptable in our society. We letthese people set what we are going to wear and buy, since when did they decidehow we spend our hard earned money. If an actor/actress can afford an item ofclothing, does that mean that we have to buy that item to be like them? If westop to think for a minute, yes Michael Jordan was a very good basketballplayer, but does that mean we have to buy some hundred-dollar shoes becausethey have his name on it? Others of us might recall the Fubu commercial. Theones with LL Cool J’s (rapper/actor) they may be his line of clothing that heis promoting so us the consu!

mer looks at that and thinks well if LL is wearingthat then I want to be like him. Now Sean "Puffy" comps is a great rapper, butdoes that mean we have to buy his line of clothing? Calvin Kline what did he dothat was so great that make every one what to wear his clothing? We may bethinking that these sounds exactly like us or we may think what is she talkingabout. Some of us do not think that we have to wear certain name brands. Forthe most part though 75% of us our very Materialistic. Materialism can be verycostly.

We have all walked in to a designerstore and see the prices. If any of us have ever heard the commercial on theradio for Mervyns when the woman is talking about why go and buy some 300hundred dollar pants because they have some guys name on it when we can get thesame style of clothing for a lot less at Mervyns, not to say that we shouldonly shop at Mervyns but what the woman says in the commercial is very true. Weall pay high prices for clothing that has some guy’s name our some woman’s nameon it, half of the time we wear the clothing we can not even see who thedesigner is because the designer name is only own the tag. What about thosepeople who can not afford these high prices our the people who would rathersave there money for something else.

Well these are the people who can get hurt. In our society there are people who find joy in talking about otherpeople. Although I think that most of these troubled times happen while you arein school there are still those who do not grow out of these stages. I thinkthat as we get older we understand more and if a person is not dressed to acretin expectation that society depicts, I do not think that there is as muchas a controversy as there would have been in grade school or even high school.The people who find joy in talking about others because they do not like whatthey wear or they do not like how they do there hair of they do not like what theyare wearing or what ever thy fell is valid. If our society were not somaterialistic then there would not be people who talked about others, simplybased on how they dress. We can just be walking down the street and we can seea woman and then another person who is say with one of their friend and we canover hear the girls talking, saying what does that woman think that she is wearing that was so last summer. People in our society think that if we are notdressed like the stars then you are not dressed if I could say fashionablycorrect. If we are wearing some nock off brand of Calvin Kline or any otherdesigner you will be looked down upon or talked about. This is because oursociety is materialistic. Sadly this is not only with our clothes it is also withtypes of cars and mostly everything else that is involved in our life.

Whether we think we arematerialistic or not, 75% of us are. I for one know that I at time can bematerialistic at times. I may have talked about why buy clothes with some guysname on it buy I will in a heartbeat. I do not believe in spending a million inone dollars on some pants or a shirt. I see something by some designer that Ilike on Television in a movie or that some star is wearing and I do not thinkthat price is all that bad then I will buy it just because I think it is cute,it is the trend even if I do not really like it. Such as when the movieClueless came out starring Alicia Silverstone and in the movie she wore a lotof short skirts and dress and the whole white shirt with the vest/sweater thingover the white shirt well yes I was at the mall/stores so that I could get thislook. I was in school once and although I was not one of those kids who gottalked about because of what I wore not was I a kid who talked about anotherkid because of what they wear. I know!

that as we get older we only get morematerialistic it starts from when we are younger and goes up until adulthood. Iremember once when I was younger and there where some cute Nike’s that I wantedand my exact words to my mother where "Mom you have to buy them for me all theother kids have them and they are so cute and they are Nikes they onlycost $80." So yes once again I must saythat are society is exceedingly materialistic.

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