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What is Alternative Medicine?
-"The term ha some to embrace any form of medicine that is outside the main stream of western medicine as practiced by the majority of doctors today." Alternative medicine is often practiced by people with no formal medical training. (Stanway 12)
"it’s benefits have often been achieved in other ways, frequently more cheaply and with fewer side-efects in the history of Man or indeed somewhere today in another country."
"A simple Buddhist monk may be a better, more successful, happier and more fulfilled person than many of us in the West for al our medicine, washing machines and moon shots"
"All through medical school the student learns of the arteries, the veins and the nerves of the body. He learns where they are, how they work and what happens when they don’t work".
"But man isn’t a motor car – he’s more than a collection of parts. In fact the more he knows about the parts, the more questions he finds. The notion, chericshed by popular press, that modern medicine is any nearer to understanding what Man is all about it completely false. This leaves a vast area that is badly taught, poorly understood and indeed almost ignored by modern western medicine – the mind, the soul and the spirit."
Most doctors have been so badly trained in the areas of mind, soul, and spirit that they can’t even recognize a malfunction of the mind, soul or spirit when it stares them in the face.(Stanway 15)
"We are in fact not in control in any real sense of anything at all – it’s all part of the illusion of life."
"Most of us assume that we’re simply made up of cells built together in a cleverly structured way to form specific organs which keep us alive. What most people don’t realize though is that the body is a constantly changing structure."
"What controls all these fields of energy at any one time? Science has no answers but I maintain that the controlling forces are in the etheric or supersensible world we’ve been discussing/ In other words there comes a point in our reductionist view of Man when we can reduce no further yet there is still a superior controlling force (that some call God) that seems to make it all work together harmoniously for most of the time. It is this superior controlling force that many alternative medical therapies harness to cure the patient."(Stanway 19)

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"What is the source of healing? What is the relationship between treatments and cures?" (Weil, Andrew M.D., 18)
""In order for a healing to be classified as miraculaous, five criteria must be met. First, it must be proved that the illness exsisted, and a diagnosis established. Second, it must be shown that the prognosis, with or without treatment, was poor; third, that the illness was serious and incurable; fourth, that the cure happened without convalescence, that it was virtually instantaneously; and finally, that the cure was permanent."(Weil, Andrew M.D., 84)
If a person were to come down with pneumonia, a serious, possibly life-threatening infection of the lungs, the person would most likely go to the hospital, receive antibiotics, and be cured. Most people would say that it was the antibiotics that were the treatment. "Antibiotics reduce number of invading germs to a point where the immune system can take over and finish the job. The real cause of the cure was the immune system."(Weil, Andrew M.D., 110)
"Because cancer is a feared disease that resists most attempts to cure it, spontaneous remissions attract attention and make good stories for the media."
"Zen Buddhism urges practitioners to experience the extraordinariness of the ordinary, to discard the gray filters of habitual perception and see the miraculous nature of everyday experience".
"We hardly notice—let alone appreciate—the ordinary activities of the human body’s healing system."
If think of everything that can possibly go wrong at any moment it is miraculous that we even survive on a daily basis.(Weil, Andrew M.D., 113)
"The primary causes of health and illness are not physical but spiritual".
"Some people believe in karmic causes of illness (actions in the past or in past lives); others, in the ability of deceased anscestors to affect one’s life and health; others, in possession by spirits; and still others, in the possibility of psychic attack by malevolent shamans. It is impossible to talk to most scientist about an invisible world, since scientific materialism looks only for physical causes of physical events. "(Weil, Andrew M.D., 135)
"A considerable body of research data supports the beneficial effects of prayer on health. Good documentation also exists for the efficacy of Christian Science healing. It is reasonable to think that belief on the part of patients is the crucial factor here; however, some research shows prayer to be effective even when sick people are unaware that they are the objects of prayer, suggesting that unknown mechanism might also be at work. Since religious practices can clearly activate healing responses and cannot cause direct harm, there is no reason no to use them as adjunctive or primary treatments in cases of medically hopeless disease."(Weil, Andrew M.D., 246)

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