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Merry christmas

The Christmas Gift

Finally! I put the last bow on the last package just as the last batch of cookies was ready to come

out. I tossed the tape and scissors in the drawer, and took the cookies out of the oven. Mmmm,

why is it that the last batch smells the best? Fresh-baked chocolate chips. This year, I replaced the

usual walnuts with macadamias. God, they looked good.

I slipped two onto a plate, poured myself a glass of milk, and went into the living room. Perfect

timing! The Grinch, my favorite holiday show of all time, was just starting. I've seen it so many times,

I know every word. When I'm feeling silly, as I was tonight, I repeat along with it. "Why Santi Claus,

Why? Why are you taking our Christmas tree, Why?" I said in my little Cindy Lou Who, who was

not more than 2, voice.

The Grinch ended and another Christmas special came on. I love watching these shows. Sometimes

I think all I need is a pair of footed pajamas to make the transformation to 4 year old complete. I'll

even be looking out the window, hoping against hope (because I know he won't come unless I'm

asleep) to hear the clatter of hoofbeats of the roof.

Well, it wasn't the clatter of hoofbeats, but his key in the front door that I heard. The door opened

and all I could see was a pile of presents with arms and legs sticking out of them. I jumped up to


"Rick," I scolded, "you went overboard again, didn't you?"

"But I couldn't help it," he explained, "There was this woman at the mall that practically forced me

into buying all this stuff. She was so helpful I couldn't walk out of there with just one or two things!

She even let me stay in the store after it closed."

"Hmm...and just HOW was she helpful?"

"Why don't you open them and find out?"

Well, this was all the encouragement I needed. I love presents. He put the pile at my feet, leaned

over to give me a kiss, and handed me the first package. I plucked the bow off of it, sticking it onto

my blouse over my left breast. "Damn, I knew there was one more present I forgot to wrap. Thanks

for helping."

"Hmm, I think I like my presents better unwrapped. Though I hope you'll find some appropriate

wrapping in one of those boxes."

I giggled as I slid the ribbon off the box. I opened it, already suspecting by the size and weight what

it contained. And I was right, a new bottle of my favorite perfume, White Diamonds. I removed the

stopper and dabbed a bit on my wrists, then held out my arm.

"Mmmm," he replied, taking a deep breath, while he gently kissed the inside of my wrist.

"Thank you sweetheart," I smiled as I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I sat back down and he chose

the next gift.

Again, the bow was plucked off, this time I placed it on my right breast. "It appears your presents

are multiplying too. I'm afraid it will take all night for you to unwrap them."

"I don't think so," he said, as he leaned over and pulled the bow off with his teeth.

"Mmmm, such talent!"

The second package contained a fine gold chain with a filigree heart. "Oh, it's beautiful Rick. Here,

help me," I asked as I pulled my hair up off my neck and turned away from him.

His lips on my neck sent shivers through me. "Mmmm, you better stop that right now, or we won't

finish until after New Years."

"I wouldn't mind that at all!"

The necklace clasped, I looked down to admire it. The chain was fairly long, and the heart ended up

right at the very top of my breasts. I pushed my arms together a bit and the charm nestled into my

cleavage. "Wanna see me make it disappear?" I asked with a wink.

He answered with that thing that one of the characters, Lenny I think it was, used to do on Laverne

and Shirley, bringing his hand, palm up to his mouth and biting it. I giggled, and said, "Well, maybe


The third box was really big and really heavy. I opened it to find a big fluffy rose-colored robe. I

must have looked at him a bit quizzically. "It's to keep you warm on the nights when I can't do it

myself," he answered simply. I didn't know what to say.

"Oh, don't go getting weepy on me woman," he smiled. "There's more there that I hope will make

you more than warm."

I giggled again and dove for the last box. I pulled it out and gasped. Inside, was the most beautiful

emerald green teddy, with the highest cut legs I had ever seen. "Oh, Rick, you saved the best for


"Uh-uh," he said with a truly wicked smile, there one more present for you to unwrap, but after you

try that on."

I pushed the boxes to the floor and practically skipped into the bedroom. Quickly, I changed. I

smiled when I noticed that the teddy was crotchless. It fit perfectly, clinging to my breasts and my

ass like it was made to my measurements. I decided to enhance the effect just a bit and pulled on a

pair of silk garterless black stockings and the heels that gave me a nosebleed. Slowly, I sauntered

back to the living room.

It was so hard not to laugh when I saw the look on his face, but somehow I managed. I moved in

front of him and spun slowly around. "Now, what else you got for me baby?" I asked, my eyes

roving over the new bulge in his pants.

He stood and followed me silently down the hall, back to the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed

as I started to unbutton his shirt, kissing his belly as it came into view. God, I wanted him so badly,

my fingers fumbled on his belt, finally getting it undone. I slid my hand up the length of his erection,

then between his legs as I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants with the other.

"Mmmm," he sighed, closing his eyes and leaning his head back. "I thought I was supposed to be

giving YOU a present."

"You are darling. I'm just unwrapping it."

I pushed his pants down to his knees, and he kicked them off. "Mmm, nice touch," I said as I smiled

at his candy- cane boxers. I pulled out the waistband, peeked in, and burst into helpless laughter.

He started laughing too as he pulled off the boxers. When he finished, he stood there proudly, his

hard cock pointing straight out at me, all tied up with a red ribbon.

"Mmmm, very nice touch. And hmm, the perfect size. It should fit perfectly!" I said as I bent over,

finding the edge of the ribbon with my teeth. I gave it a little tug, then 'accidentally' let it drop, my lips

brushing against his balls as I bent again to retrieve it.

He gasped as my lips wandered all over his balls, searching in vain for the end of that ribbon. Once

or twice, I swiped a quick lick. Finally, I found the edge and untied the ribbon, looking up at him and

shaking it in my teeth. I removed it, looping it around his neck, and pulling him down with me to the

bed. "Do I get all of you, or just the part with the ribbon?" I asked.

"The whole package," he replied, his mouth finding mine.

As soon as our tongues met, the earlier playfulness vanished. I was so hot for him. Tender, gentle

lovemaking would have to wait until later. Right now, all I could think about was fucking his brains


With a growl, I pushed him off of me. Surprised, he rolled onto his back. Immediately, I was on top

of him, rocking against his hips, sliding his cock up and down and back and forth against me. I

moaned as his hands grabbed my ass, sensing my urgency, as he pushed his hips to me. With a

groan, I pulled back, slipping my hand to the base of his cock and holding it straight up. In one

stoke, I slid home.

I purred as I felt him fill me. Oh God, he felt so good. I paused, just for a second or two, to savor

that feeling. Putting my hands over his shoulders, I started rocking back and forth, side to side, and

in and out, alternating fast and slow. His hands found my breasts through the teddy, rubbing the soft

material of the teddy against them.

"Oh God, Rick, take it down, I want your fingers. And your mouth."

He slid the straps off my shoulders, my breaths falling free, bouncing with my movements. He

cupped one, bringing it to his mouth. He ran his tongue around the hard nipple before it disappeared

into his warm, wet mouth. He let go, and it bounced out of his mouth with an audible pop, before he

again brought it to his mouth, this time grazing his teeth against it.

Already I felt the tingling sensation. I fell forward, almost lying on him, grinding my aching clit against

his pubic bone.

"Oh God baby, you're cock feels so damn good....I'm gonna cum...Fuck me Rick"

He thrust his hips up at me, following my short, fast movements. I didn't want to, couldn't wait any

longer. "Oooh, ohhhhh yeah Rick, that's it honey, oh yes, yes, YES, YES" I groaned as the feeling

raced through me like a wildfire. I was panting, I was sweating as the shudders racked my body.

Not breaking my pace, I started for another one. Rick's groan told me I better hurry. I shoved

against him, squeezing my ass as I watched him go over the edge. "Oh Cindy, Oh God baby, Oh

YEAH!" as he jerked beneath me. The bed protested loudly and I thought it might collapse,

dumping us on the floor. Finally, I felt it, just as Rick fell back against the bed with a groan. "Ugh"

was all I managed as I fell against him.

We laid there like that for a few minutes. I giggled as I felt a drop of sweat drip off my nose onto his


"Thanks for my present darling," I sighed. "Now, let's go out under the tree and see what might be

there for you," I said with a smile.

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