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Miller spring essay

Miller Springs Essay

My science class and I went to Miller Springs to learn about sediments and nature

a few days ago. The good and bad sides of the trip I will explain below.

The first good side of the trip was that we got out of school and were able to be

outside. The second good side was that fun to learn about different things about what

happened when Belton Lake over-flowed into the area now called Miller Springs. The

third good side was that it was an easy grade to get when we did the assignments on the

fieldtrip. The fourth good side of the trip was that we got to eat lunch outside.

I thought the fieldtrip was overall a good time. It had its disadvantages though. I

will start to gave you the bad sides of the fieldtrip below.

The first bad side about the trip was that we had to walk everywhere. My feet were

sore after that fieldtrip. The second bad side was that it was about 89 degrees F. The third

bad side was that me and everybody else ran out of water and other drinks. The fourth bad

side was that it rained right before we got there, therefore the ground was muddy.

I still had fun on the trip though because I like the outdoors anyway. It had its bad

times though. The trip back home was boring though. That is my view of the science


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