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Money has screwed up society a lot. The times long ago were not focused

around a green piece of paper that we have labeled as money. This piece of

paper got an amount and then finally you have to have it. True, money buys you

things. Things that you want. Things that you need. To me, money is just that;

a thing. A thing to which we treat like a God. A piece of paper that we carry

around and every now and then do something worth while with it. Money does three

things. It brings on greed which in turn leads to unhappiness and then not

caring for anything but cash.

Most Americans earn between $20,000-$50,000 a year. The people in this

category seem to be somewhat content with their salary. Then you come to those

that make less then this or those who make more. The individuals who make less

always want more. If these people had more they could buy something a little bit

nicer than they had before. Now those who have more money than the average

person seem to want more also. If they get more, they can get better. The more

they have the better they are. It's all a power trip.

The people who do not make too much are not too happy. They do not have

that the nice new car that their neighbor has. They always want something that

someone else has because they think it'll make them better.

Now, those who have money are unhappy a lot. They can never get enough.

Everything that they have needs to be updated and when they get the item it's

already old so they end up replacing it. The rich never get to sit back and

enjoy what they have. They are to busy buying.

Soon the individuals who make hardly anything somehow find a way to make

more. Their focus becomes a way to keep the money coming. The focus disappears

from their activities and family. The wealthy loose interest in time spent with

their families also. Many loose interest in their life. The main focus becomes

what to spend the hundred grand on today and then how to make more to make up

for what they just blew.

I am not stereo-typing all Americans. Some are content with their lives

and the way they live. Many don't worry about the money situation. The ones who

do though, stick out in our society.

If we could all appreciate the way life is, the fun, and the beauty I

think America would be better. If people weren't power hungry maybe we'd have a

lesser demand for money. Those few people who are money hungry and power hungry

need to relax. Money can't buy you happiness. These few individuals need to

understand that. Hopefully, in the near future money will become less important

and we will begin to focus more on other things like enjoying our beautiful


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