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My big problem

My Big Problem

My biggest problem right now is all the fighting between me and my sister. It has gotten to the point where we don't even know what we're fighting about. We never fought much before, but now it's getting out of hand, and very annoying. Not that she ever wins or anything, but I start getting in trouble.

I want to stop all of the daily battles, yet I don't want to ruin my tough guys' reputation. I don't want to become an angel brother to her, and just want to spend less time fighting, and more time doing other things. Possible solutions could be ignoring her and her nerve-tearing actions. Whenever she does something wrong, I can calmly show the right way of doing it. Or I could simply sit down and have a heart to heart talk with her.

Ignoring my sister all the time would stop the fighting. If she does something wrong, I could let her get it wrong, and let her deal with my parents. If she decides to start something with me, ignoring her just might prevent the world war. There would be the input, but no output. She'll think she's winning, and that I'm getting too easy, and she's too much for me. Sure it could work. But like I said I want to keep my "Macho man, don't mess with me" reputation, which I feel strongly about.

Another thing I could do is simply help her whenever she does anything wrong. But the problem is, she does practically everything wrong. That can get very annoying, and could spark a match. And then I'm back to square one. One other problem I have with this solution is that virtually every time I try to talk to her, we get separated by my parents, who are always expecting something, and are simply sick of all the garbage.

My third and final reasonable solution, would be to sit down with her and have a 'mono a sister' talk with her. Now she's not the most understanding person, and needs to be explained things over and over again, until the micro chip in her head processes through. And even she keeps on forgetting stuff. Sitting down and talking with would make me look like a nice guy, a good brother, the ideal TV brother. I'm not even touching that. It could leave my reputation wobbling by a string.

Recently the constant battles between my sister and me have been a bother, not just to me, but to everyone, trust me on this one. Though it may seem like it, there is no easy way out. You would know just how hard it can be just by living with her for a little while, believe me, I've got live evidence. Deciding between the best solution is no easy task. I could ignore her and her nerve-tearing actions, or calmly show the right way of doing things whenever she does them wrong, or even sit down and have a chat with her. Keeping in back of my mind the importance of holding the "Not in my house" reputation, of not being a fruit cake, of not getting in trouble, and of stopping the wars, ignoring her might be the best way to go. Offending least amount of goals, it's a sure thing to keep me out of trouble, and the mature solution. And I am quite sure that a conscience will catch up to her, and she'll develop something I like to call common sense.

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