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My most flavor historial persons

The dead people might left something useful for you. People in the history could keep us from doing something wrong that they had done. In generations, people improved so much because of those individuals in the past gave us experience, so, we don't go to the wrong directions again. There are some people in history I wanted to thanks. If I were given a time machine, I would travel in time to meet Marco Polo, Galileo Galilei, and Muhammad Ali.

The first person I would meet is Marco Polo. His discoveries effect the communication between Asia and Europe. The first reason I wanted to meet him because he is one of the most famous travelers in the history. He had written a book called "The Travels of Marco Polo" which later became the first accurate guideline of Asia in Europe. The second reason is that he improved the relationship between Asia and Europe. The business owned by Polo's families made the distance between Italy and China closer by making more trade between these two countries. The last reason is because he helped the development of the economic in Asia grew faster. For example, he discovered a faster and safer way to go to Asia from Europe. This way made more business people invest their money to Asia. As the results of these facts, Marco Polo became the first person I wish to meet.

Galileo Galilei, an outstanding scientist in mid fifteenth century is the second person I would like to meet. Galilei is not just a physicist according to the resource I found, he however is also a astronomer. His ability to manage time to do good job on both fields of physic and astronomy became the first reason I chose to see Galilei. Second, his bravery to speak up for what he believe of is another impression I had of him. During the time he tried to prove his theories, there were punishments for those who spoke against the church and had different ideas from bible. Even thought he knew he might be in trouble for his theories, he was not afraid to telling the truths. Last, he worked harder than anybody else. He finished his last book called the "Discourses Concerning Two New Sciences" before he became blind. He did not give up writing his book for illness of his eyes. He did not even had a chance to read the published version. So, Galileo Galilei is another person I wanted to meet back in time.

Finally, the last person I want to meet would be Muhammad Ali. He is a former heavyweight boxing champion in American. One of the reason I wanted to see him because he had a strong confidence. He showed his confidence by saying, "I'm young, I'm handsome, I'm strong, I'm quick, and I'm can't be beat." Also, he is the only heavyweight champion I accepted. He proved his ability in boxing by winning the championship in three different times. The last reason of all, is that his life is fulfill with challenges. He came out from retirement to challenge Larry Holmes for the World Boxing Council heavyweight championship. Therefore, I would be glad to talk with Muhammad Ali.

In conclusion, if I got a chance to go back in time, I would want to meet Marco Polo, Galileo Galilei, and Muhammad Ali. Being taught by some people in the past could expand your knowledge. History are experience which could help you to getting away from mistakes. I can see one day, an inventor produce a time machine, bring people back and forth. They learned much more about the past, and the world will be improved by those who learned the mistakes from history.

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