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My uncle

My Uncle

On a hot day in the Summer time, my uncle died in the hospital in Truman, in the

town which he had grown up in. My uncle was a common man who spent his days

working , in a little hardware store which he had worked in for nearly 34 years, fishing,

and keeping up on his garden.The day he died was a day in which he would of usually

spent relaxing, fishing, and drifting of in to his own world, but on this day he drifted away

into a new place which he had never been. My uncle's time had come and gone and he

was now adventuring into new places that hopefully would be as good to him as life was.

I felt deeply sorried for everyone who had none him and his life. He was always a

person who was willing to help someone in a time of need, and someone who would

always be there if needed. He would also be deeply missed by his wife which souly

depended on him for income and plainly comforting. My uncle was not a weak man but a

very strong man ,who believed in family more than anything, which will be missed by

everyone who knew him.

During the times I visited my uncle we would spend hours down at the river

fishing, and relaxing in the heat from the hot summer time days. And after are long days

of fishing , we would head back to the house, with the fish we had caught or not, and

prepare a good dinner for all. We would all sit outside eating are fish, tomatoes, corn, and

drinking tea and having great conversations. I will miss the long days with him, but I will

always remember him.

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