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There are three truly beautiful scenes in nature.

These include the sky, the forest, and the ocean. These are

all very beautiful and interesting scenes to look at.

The sky is a very captivating scene. The sunsets are

absolutely breathtaking. The clouds can form many different

and interesting shapes. At night the sky becomes enchanting

and glorious. When the stars are out the sky is undeniably

exquisite. The skys deep shades range from blue at dawn to

deep oranges and purple at dusk. The sky scenes are

genuinely picturesque.

The forest changes it scenery in seasons instead of day

and night like the sky. In the summer the forest is filled

with majestic shades of green. The fall brings colorful

shades of oranges, reds, and yellows. The winter deprives

the forest of its colorful splendor, but brings a different

type of beauty all together. In the spring all of the green

magnificence returns. The forest is breathtaking anytime

of the year.

The ocean does not change with the seasons or day and

night. The ocean holds its beauty constantly. The different

parts of the world embrace eccentric colors of the ocean.

In the Caribbean exotic crystal clear waters embrace the

white sandy beaches. Yet the bays of Maine and Boston grasp

the deep greens. The coast of California holds the deep

blues of the pacific. The ocean varies with its location.

The different scenes of nature are very intriguing.

Whether it is the sky, the forest, or the ocean one may

enjoy them anytime of the year day or night.

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