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New found chapter to huckelberry finn

Huck's Rebellion


I watched as Aunt Sally entered the courthouse to fill out my adoption papers. She had said to me that she was going to make a sivilized young man out of me. She actually believes that she is going to sivilize me , ha! I looked around the room and saw how grimy and dusty it was. There were pieces of wood that were stained red along with others that ranged from green to tan. I then noticed pictures of men on the far end of the room. I got up and looked at the pictures up close. The names of these men were underneath the picture. From what they were wearing I figured that they were judges.

Each one had a stern face and looked as though they were the most unhappy people on the earth. I wonder if this is what being sivilized does to you?

Fifteen minutes had past and Aunt Sally lightly walked out of the courtroom with a paper in her hand. She looked at me and smiled as if she had no cares in the world. We left the building and started to walk back to her house.

Aunt Sally says to me , "Now that you with me all your old ways are to end". "You will be starting school soon and I expect you to do as I say".

I turned my head towards her and nodded. Little did she know what kind of thoughts were going through my head at the time. After what she had just said I don't think that I will be able to stand it. I knew that I was a free boy, I made up my own rules and nobody was going to sivilize me no matter what!

The house came into view after walking for a few miles. I entered first with Aunt Sally walking right behind me.

She said , "Tomorrow were are going shopping to buy you some new clothes and shoes". "The ones that you currently own will be thrown away". "Now why don't you go up stairs and take a bath so you're clean for supper".

While walking up the stairs it hit me, I had remembered a sign near the river that advertised the ferryboat Luistaina. This boat was making a trip down stream to night. If I could get on this boat I could be carried down stream and to the Ohio River. There I could catch another boat and travel up that stream until I found a good enough place to get off. There I could live my life as the way I want to live it.

During supper Aunt Sally started to talk to me about how wonderful it was going to be, just the two of us. I somewhat felt bad but I knew that I wouldn't be happy here and I must leave.

As Aunt Sally was washing the dishes I told her that I was tired and that I was going to go to bed early. She looked at me, smiled and said goodnight. Just before I went upstairs I collected some pillows to place under my sheets. This would fool Aunt Sally went she would go to check up on me during the night. The sun was setting and I knew that I must get a move on to catch the ferry. I entered my room and got a blanket. I placed some food that I had stolen from the cupboard and then placed some clothes in it too. I than made put the pillows under the sheets to make it look like a human figure. I looked out the windows to notice that the sun had set and my only source of light came from a candle. I was now ready to leave the house. Before I went I wrote to Aunt Sally to show that I appreciate her helping me. I placed the card under the sheets so that she would find it in the morning. I than took my property and climbed out the window.

The place where Jim was staying wasn't far away and I thought that I would give a goodbye before I left. Jim was still awake so I tapped on the window. I watched as he surprisenly look over in my direction and walked to the window. He opened it gently so that he wouldn't disturb anyone in the house.

He said to me, "Huck, whatya doin here for"? "I thought you'd be at Aunt Sally's home".

"I running away and going downstream to the Ohio River". "The same route that me and you were trying to make". "I don't want to become sivilized, I like being me, so I am leaving".

"Well Huck, I reckon that I'd cant stop ya so I aint going to try". "Just you'd be awful careful you hear".

"I hear you Jim". "I came here to say goodbye to you ".

Jim reached his hands out of the window as to shake my hand. I reach my hand out but than decided to give him a hug instead. I felt a tear roll down my eye as I was hugging him.

"Huck Finn, you aint crying are you".

"Of course not Jim, I just got something in my eye".

"Let'me go wich ya down to the river with you".

"Alright Jim".

Jim than disappeared and seconds later walked out the front door. He looked at me and didn't say one thing. We both walked together down the path that led to the river where the ferryboat was. On the way I thought of Jim and the adventure that we had together. I would sure miss Jim. I looked over at him, he had a stern look on his face. A time later we arrived at the river just in time for the boat was boarding. Jim looked over at me and I noticed that he had teary eyes.

"I aint never going to forget ya Huck". "You'd ben the best friend I'd ever had".

I hugged him one last time as than walked away without looking back. I knew that if I looked back that I would see Jim crying.

I already had tears in my eyes so I devised a plan to get on the boat. I waited in line to enter the boat. Soon I was at the ticked man.

"Where's you're ticket son"?

"My parents are on the boat and they have my ticket, Sir".

"Well I am sorry but I can't let you on the boat".

After he said this I thought of Jim and started to cry. The family behind me saw this and looked at the ticked man.

"How dare you talk to him like this, he's just an innocent little boy!" "We will take the child on board and help him find his parents."

I smiled as I walked up the plank onto the boat. I quickly lost the family and went to the front of the boat. There I would stay until I left the port.

Fifteen minutes later the boat's motors started to turn. I looked over the edge and saw Jim. I waved to him and he waved back to me. Well , old friend I hope we meet again sometime. Soon the port was out of sight and so I laid down on the deck. I looked at the stars and I imagined my future. I felt the same way as when I had run away from pap's house. For another great adventure for me had just begun...

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