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Here's a little story to imagine: you've planned everything to make your life perfect-a well-paid job, a loving wife, and two adorable children. As you retire early, and move to your new home, you can't help but feel a warm breeze of contentment as you're cruising along, on a summer afternoon. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a drunken illegal alien with tequila on his breath, sideswipes your car in a Chevy Nova, killing your family instantly, and leaving you mortally wounded.

Now, I assume most all of you have seen Independence Day, so you are probably familiar with ascendancy, and people trying to take over the world. There is a similar scenario going on in the United States today. Conspirators endeavor to obtain what is not theirs. Their beguiling apparitions are nothing but clever masks, which proclaim hope, and freedom. Only those who can strike through those masks, can see vividly, the intentions of these invaders. These are they which are labeled, "Illegal Aliens".

I know you're not laughing, because it's not funny. For example: 7-11? Once an American dream, before the Illegal Aliens came into the picture! Conceive that you walk wearily into a 7-11, yearning for a large Pepsi, filled with ice, and brimming with tiny bubbles popping at the surface. . . But no!! the cashier can only say, "Thank you, come again" in a bad accent. You've probably also taken an extensive trip once or twice along a barren interstate. But before leaving, you want to make sure your family doesn't starve on the journey. So you drive through at McDonalds, and order 2 big macs with cheese, 2 quarter pounders with cheese, 2 cheeseburgers with cheese, a couple large cokes, and a happy meal for the little ones. Half-way to nowhere, you are being consumed with a primal urge to eat. And to your chagrin, you open the bag, and stare with incredulity at 2 hamburgers and a couple fries((r)facial expression)!!!

The illegal aliens are also taking over American jobs, which isn't right. For instance, have you ever read the label, "Made in the USA"? It's an artifice that these illegal aliens use to deceive us. I mean, when Americans look upon this label, they feel proud and patriotic for their country. But what our tax-paying, ripped off fellow citizens aren't informed of, is that at the factory, where the product is made, the whole place is run by immigrants!

Lastly, we will reflect upon the things which the immigrants leech from us. First, their kids get free schooling. But despite this, one-third of them don't even know English! America is squandering an inordinate amount of money funding bilingual education, on immigrants' children, making the U.S. the #1 in child illiteracy. Don't forget the healthcare that these free-loading moochers are getting their hands on, either. Some elderly people in the United States can't even afford to have a decent hospital visit, while the illegal aliens just waltz in there with their babies.

In conclusion, no extensive surveys, just three suggestions to reflect upon:

1. The jobs that the illegals are taking

2. The American name, which they disparage

3. The time and money spent on them

Back to the nightmare, er... story, you'll recall this speech, oh yes you will. It'll be the only thing that comes to your mind when you barely have enough strength to open your eyes after the horrendous accident, but as you do, all you can remember is the immigration, trucking away the illegal with no insurance!, who hiccups, chuckles, and then passes out!


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