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On campuses students confront a growing racial divide

Michael Peloso

February 12, 1997

Sociology 101

"On Campuses, Students Confront a Growing Racial Divide"

In the article, "On Campuses, Srudents Confront a Growing Racial Divide, it discusses the racial issues that occur on college campuses and nationwide racism like the O.J. Simpson trial or the Million Man March.

For example, when the verdict for the O.J. Simpson trial came out, a student or a group of students at USC made a flyer that read, "I need to alert all the whites that the niggers are taking over. Take up arms and defend yourselves, my brothers." This quote is discrimination and it should not happen. When the verdict came out for the trial, I am sure not all African-Americans were happy that O.J. Simplon was free. And I am sure that all white people were not mad that he was free. What that student or group of students did was prefudice, he assumed that all black people are against him/her and his/her "brothers." That is not true.

On campus at Ohio State I have seen discrimination quite often. White people walking by a group of black people and saying a racial slur or two towards them, but not loud enough that they would hear it. Or, I have seen the same thing vise-versa.

Institutional racism plays a big role on campus. One example is at the Metropolitan Institution of Technology where a group of African Americans took over three dormitory floors and named it "chocolate city." It is clear when an ethnic group of any kind says that their group can live there and nobody else, that is Institutional racism.

One thing that is being done about racism and more specific, institutional racism, is the leniency of the Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT). It is said that the SAT is discriminative against minorities. Critics say that the SAT assumes the knowlege of the middle class white culture.

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