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Party government

In this article, "Partry Government is Gaining Too Much Power," E. E. Shchneider discuses how the United StatesGovernment was set up in a party system and how the party system is working today. In 1994 the rEpublican partypromised to be fair and to submit thier decisions to the public for criticizm and scutiny. Thyey won the majority of the congress after that promise. This was suprising because the democrates had been in control of congress for so long. The republican party didn't live up to thier agreement and is now not trusted by the public. Now niether of the two parties are proposing such a promisebecause that could lead to bad public relations. It seems that the parties are only conserned with winning the elections and not with the countries affairs themselves.The parties have gained to much power and this is leading to the decay of our once strong government

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