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Persuasive essay i heard the owl call my name

By Bogdan Gheorghe

I heard The Owl Call My Name

It's The Book For You

* This essay was written in the 19th century, therefore some terms such

as "indians" and "white man" from the book are being replaced with

the politically correct terms: "natives", and respectively "european


The novel I HEARD THE OWL CALL MY NAME is the best book

anyone can pick up in a book store. This book tells the reader a lot of true

facts about natives. It is also about the conflict between the natives and the

european descendents, and how they have affected each other. It also shows

how cruel nature can be sometimes, and how it is such a big part of our lives.

this is the most touching, entertaining, and informing story you will ever


This book describes in detail the native's character and the way he/she

interacts with the outside world. The reader has lots to learn about this.

Their lifestyle is different. They use canoes and walking for transportation.

They do not have trucks or cars to get around, like we do. Also, places

where they live, and all the appliances they use are more primitive, and the

houses are wooden cottages. The native's way of behaving and interacting

with the outside people and world is also a lot different. All the ceremonies

including the costumes and poems, songs, etc prove how they are protective

of their native culture and heritage. The natives do not trust the european

dsecendents, because they took over their lands. All these reasons add up to

the fact that the natives are being described in detail in this book.

Another good point this book has to make is about nature. Nature can

be cruel to us, to the natives, and to the wild life all around us. It lets all the

"swimmers" die at the end of their trip, with no exceptions. It kills people

wether they fight it or not. It does not forgive anyone! Sometimes, summers

are hot, and winters are cold, winds are strong and distructive, and yet we all

found a way to cope with it. Even the natives, as you will learn from this

book, have developed all kinds of places to live in, firestoves, waterproof

clothing, and whatever else they needed to protect themselves from the harsh

weather. So basicly this book tells the reader a lot about the natives, nature,

and the relationship between them.

As you can clearly see from the above points, the novel I HEARD THE

OWL CALL MY NAME is the best book to read, no matter what your

interests or how old you are. It's exciting, yet very informative. It shows

some of the characteristics of the natives, and lots about the nature and the

way it affects us. So why don't you do yourself a favor and pick it up at

your nearest bookstore?

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