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Pete wilson menace to mexicans

American family. That is $2 to $3 billion federal dollars

annually for an indefinite number of years. He claims it is

for the state's expenses incurred by undocumented

Mexican immigrants.

Wilson's demands create even more problems. Should

families in other states pay for the 4 to 5 billion hours of

labor performed annually by undocumented immigrants to

the immeasurable benefit of California's urban business,

its agri-business, and its wealthier families who have used,

and are using, the undocumented for low-paid maid and

gardening services?

Strangely, in this scenario, the governor never speaks of

the federal government's payment to California of well

over 2.2 billion dollars under the U.S. Immigration

Reform and Control Act and the State Legalization Impact

Assistance Grants, one-half billion dollars in 1994 alone!

Furthermore, this program has reduced the number of

undocumented immigrants in California by 1,600,000!

Surely Wilson knows that, in addition the immigration

reform monies, Washington already spends more than

$500 million per year to support California agriculture,

where many of the undocumented may be found.

Washington's agriculture tax dollars are the equivalent of

$6897.00 for every one of the 85,000 farms in the state. In

point of fact, California's farming interests receive more

money annually from the federal government than they

pay the state in property taxes. This is totally unjust to the

state's homeowners, many of whom, certainly, would enjoy

homes whose property taxes were federally subsidized

each year.

While promoting himself nationally, Wilson is foisting

upon the American public one of the most incredible

distortions in the annals of American politics. To fully

understand the governor's politics, let's glance at recent

American history. For example, recent American

presidents have had their "devil" against which they

claimed to be fighting to save the U.S. Kennedy had the

Communists at our borders; Johnson, the Vietnamese

Communists and the domino effect; Reagan, the Russian

Communists and the evils of Grenada in our hemisphere;

Bush, the Iraqis and potential control of U.S. sources of

oil, as well as Panama's drugs. The only recent president

who does not seem be fighting a monumentally evil force

on the edge of destroying "America," is the current

president, William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton. In this sense,

like Jimmy Carter before him, President Clinton has

created a vacuum.

Newt Gingrich, for one, is moving to fill this void by saving

America from the nation-destroying evils of "liberalism"

and the "politically correct." He believes that he is really,

really correct politically, and that the "politically

correct" have been incorrect all along.

Where does all this leave Pete Wilson? Why, without a

devil to fight! After all, the Cold War is over. The U.S. is

doing "free enterprise" with North Vietnam. The U.S.

trades with China. Oil flows freely from the

women-stomping dictatorship of Kuwait. And Gingrich is

fighting internal evils. Has the world isolated Pete Wilson


Enter stage south, the evil Mexicans!

They will destroy California (read U.S.) if we don't watch

out! Pete Wilson is into big-time politics. He has created

his "devil."

The main vehicles promoting the ambitions of Pete Wilson

are The Budget of the State of California, 1994-95, and

Summary of the Budget, 1994-95. Here, the governor

proclaims to the nation that some 2,000,000 Mexicans have

invaded the state and, having done so, do nothing. They

are leeching parasites attached to welfare, the health

system, the schools, and the state's prisons, he claims.

"Seven-hundred-thousand new jobs need to be created to

support illegal immigration costs," of over 2 billion

dollars, trumpets the governor in his 1994-95 Summary of

the Budget. In this way, he says that not only do they do

nothing, they pay nothing, and "the hard working citizens

of the state," must absorb these costs!

It is incredibe that Pete Wilson has not told the nation that

his fabricated "devil" also works hard and pays taxes.

Nowhere, in his documents, commercials, or press

releases, does he mention the taxes that undocumented

California workers pay each year to California. Yet,

according to official California records, the undocumented

immigrants pay state income taxes, state sales taxes, state

and local property taxes, state vehicle license and

registration fees, state excise taxes, state gasoline taxes,

state lottery revenues, and local sales taxes. In a report

issued by the governor's own office to the General

Accounting Office of the Federal Government, California

estimated the taxes paid to the state by undocumented

immigrants, primarily Mexican, as ranging from a low of

$528 million to a high of $1.4 billion per year, with a

median of around $900 million. Obviously, the governor is

saying one thing to the federal government, and exactly

the opposite to the people of California.

In addition, California's undocumented workers are

paying taxes to the federal government. These taxes are

for income, excise, Federal Insurance Contributions Act

(FICA), unemployment insurance, and gasoline.

According to the GAO, this produced federal revenues

estimated at $1.3 billion for 1992 alone!

It is clear that undocumented workers in California have

paid at least $2.2 billion yearly in state and federal taxes.

This amount roughly equals the costs incurred as

announced by the governor.

Extrapolating from taxes paid, undocumented workers in

California contribute between $13 and $15 billion to

California's economy while they perform over four billion

hours of labor each year.

But, irrespective of how much in taxes the undocumented

pay, the structure of wages paid in California cannot

support the process of continually increasing government

spending (34 to 55 billion since 1985, a 62% increase!),

while simultaneously keeping the lower echelons of the tax

base static.

Specifically, if the lowest wages in California were to

increase from $4 per hour to $6, the taxes paid by the

undocumented would total between $3.5 and $5.5 billion,

thus paying for all expenses and easily leaving a healthy

surplus for the state. It is clear, therefore, that most of

Wilson's problems concern not the immigrant's social

status or country of origin, but the wage structure in

which they labor. Obviously, to eliminate the

undocumented workers (deport to Mexico) and replace

them with domestic workers at $4 an hour, will not solve

California's problems as long as the wage structure

remains the same. The faces will change, but the economic

problems will continue, or become even worse.

In this scenario, Governor Pete Wilson is promising a tax


All in all, the day may yet come when Californians will

give retroactive thanks to the undocumented immigrants

for having saved their state from even more severe

economic problems and a more onerous deficit, much as

the immigrants in the east coast did historically. After all,

over 4 billion hours of labor at the lowest of wages, $14

billion into the state's economy, over $2.2 billion paid in

taxes, all in one year, are not the work of "evil devils" who

are out to economically destroy California.

This being the case, Pete Wilson's xenophobia is

irrational. It appeals only to those who have irrational

fears. Or, it appeals to those who want to use xenophobic

politics for domestic political ends.

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